By Jolly Gwari

King Bae zari’s new hubby is becoming a pawn in this battle of love with the Boss lady Zari Hassan. Zari has shown off her latest house bought by King Bae recently. The celebrated Ugandan socialite Zarinah Tlale is known as a mansion wealthier after buying off a new home in Gauteng, South Africa.

This mega-mansion is the fifth mansion beside the one Diamond platinum his ex-lover bought for her on her birthday and the other three of her late husband Ssemwanga.  This will be their home after the private wedding that is in the pipeline. She completed her purchase of the house and it is added on the list of her possessions, and this will be their home after the private wedding that is in the pipeline (her and King Bae). Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover shared a clip of the house which is being finalized before they can move in. in the clip, Zari was so excited about the kitchen side that looked mega and beautiful, she couldn’t wait to prepare King Bae’s best dish. She is seen jolly and dancing turning around in a romantic way “as if King was watching her moves”.  Zari is known of her riches, she not new to mansions,  supercars as she has been there it’s no wonder that in one of her messages while appreciating King Bae, she tells him of how she has seen it all. “I have been there before and still doesn’t make any sense to me. Yeah, I’m weak, I need to accept, you wanna know why I give my all, I build my men, I’m not the type that takes, I’m the type that looks at what we have and consider how we can double and triple the blessings” She says.

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