Seek solutions in challenging situations! Opposition Lynchpin, Kizza Besigye implores Ugandans during Easter festivities

Wakiso – Opposition lynchpin, Dr. Kizza Besigye has called upon Ugandans to seek a solution to challenging situation as they celebrate the Easter festivities subsequent to interruption of the Lenten season by the COVID-19 pandemic

The former FDC Party president made the revelations in an Easter message he shared on his social media on Sunday, April 12.

“Although the penitential obligation of observing lent like solitude (now isolation or Quarantine) and fasting (now lack of food due to the lockdown and curfew) appear to have been imposed on us without adequate preparations, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” said Kizza Besigye urging Ugandans that it was time to be our human best and reach out to one another.

Besigye further emphasized the symbolism of Easter and challenging the public never to lose it.

“The persecution, death and resurrection of Jesus we celebrate is the rebirth of man – to love all; to share and show the empathy to all,” Besigye sustained.

He ‘painted a picture’ of the current situation mentioning that churches were not open to worshippers, businesses closed, leisure parks empty and hotels vacant.

“People are locked at their homes financially drained, emotionally stressed and some hungry. That is our Easter crisis,” Besigye insinuated.

“Amidst the crisis, we glorify God in every situation so that we reduce our tears, worried and anxieties; overcome the difficult and painful moments; and seek solutions to the challenging situations,” He added.

He challenged Ugandans to be there for one each other, hold and lift one another, in victory, triumph at best and loss at worst in times the state is absent and not to panic or be afraid.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, on Saturday, April 11, revealed that this was an unusual Easter and urged Ugandans to stay at home and be safe.

President Museveni stresses a point while delivering an address Wednesday March 18. (PHOTO: FIle)

“This year’s observance of Easter comes at a time when the world faces the COVID-19 challenge. I’m aware that people aren’t going to celebrate Easter in the usual way. This has been accessioned by this pandemic. I wish to thank all Ugandans for responding well and listening to the guidelines,” he said in a letter to all countrymen, Women and Bazzukulu today, Saturday April 11.

Museveni also thanked Ugandans for reacting positively and listening to the guidelines to curb the spread of the deadline coronavirus.

Ministry of Health has, on Saturday, April 11, revealed that out of the samples tested none returned positive of the deadly coronavirus giving a sign of relief as Ugandans prepare for their Easter Celebrations.

“All 555 samples tested today, were NEGATIVE for COVID-19. The number of discharged patients is now 4 including the index case. Confirmed cases of #COVID_19 in Uganda stands at 53,” read a tweet on Ministry of Health official Twitter handle

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