Kleith Goes Into Hiding, Put On Suicide Watch

Kleith Kyatuhaire

According to an outrageous information reaching us is that NTV Uganda “Style Project” co-host Kleith Kyatuhaire is on suicide watch after her nude pictures caused mayhem on social media sites.

Kleith Kyatuhaire
Kleith Kyatuhaire

Our highly placed sources have revealed that Kleith has gone into hiding and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

“She is so sad and devastated by the unfolding events. She is even scared of losing her Job at NTV,” reveals the source.

Yesterday, naked pictures of Ex T Nation presenter were spreading like wild fire on social media and they have created controversy among social media commentators with many arguing that she looks more beautiful than her nude pictures.

Revenge porn is a disturbing new trend where spurned lovers post intimate pictures of their exes on the internet to be seen by millions.

This humiliation has a terrible impact on victims – some have even committed suicide.

Kleith is now a victim of “revenge porn”, and the online harassment has made her contemplate suicide.

Our snoops have now revealed that the family members resolved to put her under 24/7 critical surveillance.

This website understands that leaking the naked pictures was a deliberate attempt by the yet to be identified ex-boyfriend to humiliate her because she had dumped him for another man.

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