Koboko Municipality Independent candidate arrested with Museveni Campaign Materials


Charles Yakani speaking to journalists shortly after his release at Koboko CPS

Koboko – The Koboko Municipality Parliamentary candidate on the Independent ticket, Charles Yakani has been arrested for being in possession of President Yoweri Museveni’s campaign materials.

Yakani, formerly a Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporter was on Sunday picked from his office in Koboko town where police recovered 14 boxes of NRM T-shirts and 100 NRM manifesto books which he was intending to use for campaigning for President Museveni.

Yakani is contesting against Dr Charles Ayume, the NRM flag bearer for Koboko Municipality Parliamentary seat.

This is the third time Yakani is vying to represent the people of Koboko after losing the 2011 and 2016 elections on FDC ticket.

This time round, he has decided to contest as an Independent candidate but to the suprise of many.

“We got information on November 28, 2020 that T-shirts of the NRM flag bearer, HE Yoweri Museveni were being used inappropriately in the hand which was not supposed to be holding them,” Samuel Abwang, the Koboko DPC said.

“So at night we couldn’t go and do anything but we had to deploy and the following day today, we had to swing in action,” Abwang told reporters on Sunday afternoon.

He said they had to impound the campaign materials and also bring Yakani to Koboko CPS for further interrogation.

According to Abwang, they are not yet sure of Yakani’s motive since it is well known that NRM has a system through which delivery of resources can be channeled.

“Right now, Yakani is in our hands and we want him to tell us where he got those items from. For sure, if you are an Independent candidate, why would you have NRM campaign materials?” Abwang asked.

Lucy Afako, the Koboko district NRM chairperson said the campaign materials found in Yakani’s possession were supposed to come through her office.

Samuel Abwang, the Koboko DPC.

Afako claimed that Evelyn Anite, the incumbent MP was the one who gave the items to Yakani.

Meanwhile Donald Sanya, a resident of Koboko Municipality also the NRM flag bearer, Dr. Charles Ayume’s supporter said instead those items would have been handed over to Ayume not Yakani.

But when contacted on phone, Anite said she doesn’t work for the NRM Secretariat, adding that it is the Secretariat which is responsible for all resources needed by the party structures and NRM flag bearers.

Besides, Anite said it’s not offensive for anybody to campaign for President Museveni.

“It is not a crime for an Independent candidate to campaign for Museveni and on top, any person can print posters from anywhere. If I managed to convince Yakani to start supporting President Museveni, what is wrong with that?” Anite wondered.

She, however, warned police to stop being partisan other than concerntrating on keeping law and order.Shortly after recording his statement at Koboko CPS, Yakani equally asked whether it was a crime to campaign for President Museveni.

Yakani said it is not the first time for an Independent candidate to campaign for Museveni in this country.

“An Independent candidate is a free agent and can campaign for any candidate of his choice and for my case, I have chosen to campaign for President Museveni so, what’s wrong with that,”Yakani stressed.

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