Komuntale Takes Begging Meetings To Boda Boda

Komuntale and hubby Thomas

Komuntale and hubby Thomas

A FUNDRAISER party has been set for Tooro princess Ruth Komuntale’s wedding. Snoops can confirm that a party has been slated for November 2, at Boda Boda bar garden City with entrance fee at a whopping Shs50, 000. In order to attract masses, bulk messages that have been circulating show that all royals from all kingdoms in Uganda will be there.

This is the full message that is being sent to the public: “Princess Komuntale Ruth royal party on 2nd November 2, 2012 at Boda Boda garden City starting 5:00pm till late. Come party with the princess and other royals from tooro, Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole, Busoga etc as we plan for her royal wedding, drink, talk and share fun. Fee is 50k, contact 0704…….. for reservations and booking.”  Princess Komuntale is set to wed Christopher Thomas next month.

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15 thoughts on “Komuntale Takes Begging Meetings To Boda Boda

  1. i thought the guy she was marrying is minted[Rich], what are the meeting[begging]for??? Stay in yo lane, make a wedding that is well within yo financial means.

    1. Gaddafi’s gost should intervine, but they should look for another rich man to hit the KANDAHA

  2. It is high time people started being serious!!why should the whole princess start begging in order to have a weeding? what are the royals doing? why cant they organise for her a weeding party that is within their/ her reach? WHAT IS ALL THIS. HPARTY HAS BEEN TALKED OF FOR SO LONG, LET HER BE MARRIED AND THE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT OTHER THINGS ON HER.

  3. I hear “” loyal”” how do “”loyals”” differ from other people!??!!?!!?..that ancient crap MUST stop..ONLY trying to take advantage of those less privileged to figure out the tactics of this ancient game…

    1. Paul for starters the word is ROYAL not loyal.revise your grammer and stop HATING if you are not lucky to be a royal, it’s naturAL ROYALTY is not for every Tom, Dick…

  4. hahahahaha kyoka jeffkay u ve really amused me hahahahah so u wont make meetins fo yo party wwow yo great ,ny way to the princess ol the best in the kiyungu

    1. Actually i wont, i will save up from my salary until i have enough cash to make a wedding that’s within my financial means. its people who live and grew up in uganda [i ain’t one of them] that have this begging mentality. In the west you have to save money in order to get whatever you want, that’s the mentality i’ve been with, people have better things to do with their money.

  5. All weddings in Uganda, (Including the recent Buganda one) people contributed so what’s the big deal? If you don’t have 50K, stop complaining, just don’t go. Period. All the best to the princess

  6. oh dear me ,i thought Gadafi left enough money for them. hmmm i thought her man was damn rich why the meetings for sure. I hate wedding meetings if you can’t afford just walk to the church and the rest will be history. If Gadafi was alive a special airline would have airlifted them to toro.I wish John Katuramu could attend the wedding.

  7. All those complaining are not Batooro and they don’t have Tooro at heart long live our princess best wishes and happy marriage.

  8. I don’t think we Ugandans should continue with these “begging” meetings. When our economy is doing so badly, people expect you to support them when they very well know you have no money to do so. Then they go ahead and create a grudge because you could not support them. What happened to the simplicity of wedding parties? Why show off a big wedding when you cannot afford your next meal? The Princess of Tooro and the people of Tooro should be more realistic. If the Gaddafi money has run out, do something affordable.

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