Kyabazinga Unleashes Busoga Grand Recovery Plan

Kyabazinga (M) cutting a cake with BUNDA executive members

The Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom, William Gabula Nadiope IV has unleashed a master plan to revamp the now ‘dead’ Busoga Kingdom to full self sustainable society.

Kyabazinga (M) cutting a cake with BUNDA executive members
Kyabazinga (M) cutting a cake with BUNDA executive members

The Kyabazinga disclosed this hopeful package during his visit to the Busoga Convention in Copenhagen, Denmark last week that was organised by the Basoga living in the Nordic countries under their umbrella-Busoga Nordic Development Association (BUNDA).

Speaking at the convention that was organized under a theme; “Unity in Diversity for Sustainable development of Busoga,” the Kyabazinga listed 5 key areas that he is going to seriously embark on to bring back Busoga to the top as it was a few years ago, namely education, health, agriculture, unity and investment.

Under the education sector, the Kyabazinga aims to see the educational standard in kingdom at a higher level.

Traditional schools like Busoga College Mwiiri, Wanyange Girls and Kiira College Butiki will be his strong holds in championing the lost glory of the education sector.

“We are also working on establishing more vocational institutions aimed at equipping young people with different skills such as Tailoring, carpentry, construction. The end result of all is aimed at enabling the youth become job creators rather than job seekers,” Kyabazinga said.

In the health sector, Kyabazinga said that efforts to sensitize the people about good hygiene and sanitation are already underway but still appealed to the investors to team up and provide medical equipment, medicine in hospitals and pointed out the need especially in places like Bugiri, Luuka and the need to renovate many hospitals so as to prevent unnecessary deaths.

Under agriculture, the kingdom is encouraging people to introduce zoning in Busoga sub region where each chiefdom or area specializes in what it produces best.

The above, coupled with Agricultural mechanization, Kyabazinga is hopeful that Busoga will become Uganda’s food basket.

Kyabazinga also called for unity amongst his subjects in the Nordics and other parts of the world. He urged them to unite and work hard as a team.

He appreciated the work of the people in the Diaspora mainly BUNDA.

He said that Busoga kingdom is open to Investors from different parts of the world, promising to cooperate with them for development purposes.

In addition, Kyabazinga encouraged the people to change attitude and perception towards work and embrace all types of work, preserve cultural values while blending within the globalised world, embracing new technology among others.

BUNDA was formed about 8 months ago with the aim of bringing together all Basoga living in the Nordic countries and creating a network among the Basoga world over.

This is in addition to establishing development networks with Busoga loving people in the whole world.

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