Kyambogo Students Endorse Mbabazi for Presidency

Amama Mbabazi given instruments of power by Kigezi community last year

The former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi says he is still strong to serve the country in whatever capacity that Ugandans deem him fit.

Amama Mbabazi given instruments of power by Kigezi community  last year
Amama Mbabazi given instruments of power by Kigezi community last year

Mbabazi made the remarks at a cultural gala organised by Kyambogo University students from Lira district.

The premier who has on several occasions dismissed claims about his intention to stand for the presidency in the 2016 polls, but a man whose body language and consistent acceptance of endorsements from various groups, unswervingly presents a determined man to become president come 2016.

At a cultural gala organised by the youths of the Lango community under Kyambogo University Students from Lira district, Amama Mbabazi amidst thunderous applause received a shield and a spear which are symbols of power culturally once again promised to offer his very much exhibited physical and mental strength to serve.


“I’m still strong both physically and mentally and I will give whatever effort is required to contribute to the transformation of our society to make Uganda a better place,” a very confident and jovial Mbabazi said attracting deafening applause from the youth.

Mbabazi who went ahead to compel the youth to influence the political landscape, said that the country belongs to the youth today and not tomorrow.

He went ahead to hint on the forthcoming 2016 elections by accepting the invitation of the Association for their next year’s gala in advance after the elections.

Amama receives instruments of power from Kyambogo students

When you put these events together and you add to them the hints and innuendo littered all over Jacqueline Mbabazi’s tirades and assurances to the NRM Poor Youth, especially one  where she recently assured them that Mbabazi knows what he is doing and isn’t an amateur as many of his critics think.

She explained that JPAM, as supporters fondly call him Mbabazi, had reasons not to declare early including the fear that his key supporters and campaign managers could be targeted by the state if he declared his bid this early.

Looks like the writing is now clear on the wall

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