Lango Votes New Paramount Chief amidst Anxiety


Lango Votes New Paramount Chief amidst Anxiety

By Milton Emmy Akwam

The long awaited day for electing in the new paramount chief of Lango has arrived.

The ballot, according to organizers shall be held at Lango Cultural Foundation (Abila a’Lango) located in senior quarters, Central division in Lira Municipality.

Vincent I. Oling, the chairperson Electoral Commission says the voting will start with clan heads (Council of Owitong) voting those persons they think should be the next Paramount Chief.

Following, the first three nominees shall be candidates to be elected the next Won Nyaci (Paramount Chief) by the same voters.

His statement has sparked public concern with many questioning the accuracy, fairness of the poll since no candidate was made known to the locals.

“The new constitution gives no room for anybody to campaign because it’s not a political game,” Oling said.

The Karuma Peace Pact of 2015 came out with key resolutions among it was to elect the new Won Nyaci after two years.

Dr. Richard Nam, the Prime Minister Lango Cultural foundation says the Friday poll is null and void and will be battled in a Court of Law.

Nam and besieged Paramount Chief, Yosam Odur Ebii last week gave President Museveni a dossier on how some clan chiefs are planning to oust them.

Ben Ogwang Ocoo, an elder says Lango has never discussed key developmental issues but culture that does not benefit all people.

Ocoo asked both parties to first sort themselves out through harmony before rushing to elect new chief.

Eng. Michael Odongo Okune, Uganda Road Fund (URF)’s Executive Director is the only notable candidate sought to emerge as a winner.

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