You will regret why you Voted Me Out! Bitter LC 5 Boss Lashes-out at Kabale Residents

Patrick Besigye Keihwa the Kabale LCV during the meeting

Patrick Besigye Keihwa the Kabale LCV during the meeting

Kabale – Patrick Besigye Keihwa the District LC5 Boss said that Kabale locals will regret why they voted him out in the recent concluded NRM primaries.

Keihwa doubles as the Vice President of Western region in the Uganda Local Government Association lost to Nelson Nshangabasheija, the Katuna town council LCIII boss in the hotly contested NRM primaries.

“I am sure the people of Kabale will regret why they voted me out. I have worked for the district and everyone can witness the development,” Keihwa said.

He said this on Wednesday while delivering his speech during the district budget conference at the District headquarters,.

Keihwa also said the people of Kabale allegedly accused him of mismanaging Covid-19 relief like posho, yet he didn’t even steal any kilo.

“Imagine! I wasn’t even the store keeper, nor was I the head of the district Covid-19 taskforce. But the propaganda was spread that I ate the relief posho and the people voted me out” Keihwa said.

He further said that as the cadre of the NRM Party, he would not opt to come as the independent candidate but he had to follow the party rules and being that NRM is more

“I didn’t come as independent because the NRM party has so many rooms. I’m sure that I will work and serve the NRM Party for the next coming years and beyond. ” Keihwa said.

He however said he is open to advise whoever becomes the new district boss, only if he is consulted as now the race is between Nelson Nshangabasheija the party flagbeaer for LCV is tussling out with Denis Ndyomugyenyi Nzeirwe the former deputy RDC Kyankwanzi who also lost to him in the NRM primaries but now is standing as an independent.

Keihwa says that he is still the Kabale LC5 Boss till June next year when his term of office ends as he says that he is to keep doing his work till his term of office ends as he thanked the people of Kabale for the 10 years he has been at the helm of the district leadership.

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