I can survive without money and fame – Brandon intimates.

Kampala – The Youthful Mutatiina Brandon owns BH fashion House that has built a reputation for branding and making a variety of suits. RedPepper’s Fab MC and Sarah Nabakooza caught up with Brandon as he opened up about few his life, business and sex.

RP Digital: Briefly tell us about yourself

MB: being raised from humble background. Am a very simple one full of hustle here and there, my life rotates around fashion since it’s what pays my bills.

RP Digital: Who is your inspiration?

MB: Virgil Abloh, the founder of off white, reading his biography and his lifestyle I got so touched

RP Digital: what is the best or worst purchase you have made recently?

MB: I don’t remember having a worst purchase because I take time before I get something but my best purchase is my new car, it is something I have always dreamt of

RP Digital: What is your favourite daily attire?

MB: When I was growing up I always wanted a cooperate office job so since I started up my own office I put on gentle on a daily.

RP Digital: So sir, are you single? If yes describe to us your ideal woman

MB: Yes am so single. I specifically don’t have much I want in a woman but maybe a God-fearing one is best for me.

RP Digital: would you date a fan?

MB: anyone can be a fan and love comes to anyone so why not if the two of us can get on the same page

RP Digital: Ever been in a love with two people at once, do you think it’s wrong?

MB: As a good Christian I really condemn it and I have not been in one before, if I love it’s strictly and fully for one person cannot share love

RP Digital: What are some of the things that sound as compliments but are actually insults to you

MB: ‘You have made it in life’ when deep down inside me I know I have not yet achieved most my goals

RP Digital: how do you spend your free time?

MB: I go to church on Sundays then I also love movies and gym. I stay home also to rest and refresh my mind.

RP Digital: You are handsome and young meaning you have a lot of female fans, share with us an unforgettable experience with a fan

MB: Females are very tempting creatures who love taking advantage, so some random girl was on my case to meet me and said she couldn’t disclose the deal on phone so we had to meet and discuss in length, so we met at a restaurant and started talking I waited for the deal to come up in vain only to tell me she wanted just a hug (laughing) I was mad and confused at the same time.

RP Digital: Would you date an older woman or sleep with a fellow man for fame and money

MB: I can survive without money and fame. I highly condemn that mentality too

RP Digital: where do you see yourself in five years?

MB: it’s all God’s plan so I know He got a lot in store for me. I have set goals that I want to achieve so if hopefully I achieve them I will be a fashionista worldwide and my brand will be known all over.

RP Digital: We are so grateful for your time; please give us a final message to our readers and your fans as well

MB: To all my fans mostly the youth I want to tell you that keep the hustle real work extremely hard, be yourself don’t force life too much, there is nothing that comes with ease every one of us has a story so there is no better time than now to work on your dreams and most importantly put God first.
With that we shall create a better world and generation where we don’t have to look for jobs by utilizing every opportunity that comes. Lastly thank you so much fans for supporting me and I have more in store for you. Just keep following my social media pages on Instagram “Brandon_christ_lover. Facebook @Brandon Brandon

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