LIFESTYLE: Solomon Tazibone on dating, sex and fashion

By Sarah Nabakooza and Fab Mc

One is at liberty to do with their body what they wish…….

Tazibone Solomon is an award-winning Ugandan fashionista and stylist, celebrity and editorial stylist, a TV host and fitness freak. So we got a chance to share with him on one of the evenings. He had a smiling face as we asked him.

RP Digital: Hello Solomon, tell us briefly about yourself

ST: Am a pretty normal and introverted person. On a good day, you could easily bump into me on the streets of Kampala hustling. I don’t let fame keep me from relating and experiencing life as it should be. Am from a close-knit family and I keep a small circle of friends, am a perfectionist and quite a spiritual person.

RP Digital: Wow, such a sweet description so are you single?

ST: No am not.

RP Digital: So do you mind telling us about the lucky person

ST: (laughing) I would rather not, munsonyiwe. Am a very private person.

RP: Being a style and fashion person, which local celebrity would you rate as perfect 10/10 in fashion

ST: (thinking vividly) Judith Heard, Vinka, Spice Diana and males, the B2C boys always look well put together. Eddy Kenzo also has some interesting style choices.

RP Digital: Tell us your best or worst fashion purchase you have made recently

ST: I am very critical of the things I buy, so it is very rare for me to buy anything that would later disappoint me. My best purchase recently was an authentic Fred Perry duffel bag I bought at a Sunday market for a price am embarrassed to mention.

RP Digital: Well you’re handsome and good looking meaning you have a lot of female fans, so in your experience, what is the weirdest thing a fan has done or said to you

ST: This one female one time lured me into her shop and practically threw herself at me. It took some physical effort to restrain her. The whole experience was absolutely mortifying.

RP: What are some of the things that sound like compliments but are actually insults to you

ST: “you look yummy” I find that phrase vile and totally inappropriate.

RP: Would you take a one-night stand offer from a good looking girl?

ST: Not in this time of corona (laughing). No, I don’t suppose I would. Hard as it may seem, am not a very sexual person.

RP Digital: Which is the body part you don’t mind loosing

ST: (laughing loudly) kidney, I heard those cost a fortune

RP Digital : Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

ST: accomplished, at peace and successful with a brand that has not only local but international traction

RP Digital: What advice do you give the youth who badly want fame and end up going for older women or same-sex for money?

ST: Well, first of all, am not one to judge. The end justifies the means. As an adult, one is at liberty to do with their body what they wish as long as it doesn’t make the next person uncomfortable. What I’d advise is caution and to keep themselves safe while doing whatever it is that they do.

RP Digital: what do you want to be remembered for?

ST: That I made a difference, and I contributed somehow to the good of this world, that my sense of aliveness in things I do set an example for others to consider for themselves. And that my many mistakes are forgiven, seen as simple missteps or as something to laugh at in retrospect. I would like to also be remembered as a humble boy who made lemon out of lemonade and in so doing, inspired so many that greatness can bloom from nothingness.

RP Digital: thank you so much for your time, we are really grateful, give us a final message to our readers and your fans

ST: I would love to encourage everyone reading this story to never give up on their dreams and to involve God in whatever it is that they do. I thank all my followers for the unwavering support, for being a great force behind what I do. In the same spirit I request my people to follow my journey on my social media, Instagram: @tazibone_solomon, Snapchat: @stazibone, Facebook: Tazibone Solomon.

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