Lingerie experts identify NINE different breast shapes – so which type do you have?

Lingerie experts identify NINE different breast shapes – so which type do you have?

A lingerie firm that previously identified seven different breast shapes to help women find the right underwear has added two new types to the mix.

ThirdLove, based in San Francisco, have now included Athletic and Relaxed breasts in its ‘Breast Shape Dictionary’, joining shapes such as the Side Set and East West.

And ThirdLove has also released new drawings of the shapes to help you figure out which category you fit into.


If you have athletic breasts, this means they are wider and more muscular with less tissue.

A classic push up bra is the best choice of underwear to create the illusion of curves.


Nipples that point downwards is one sign that you have relaxed breasts.

And if the tissue in the breasts feels quite lax, this is another indicator.

Again, a push up bra will help to lift the breasts and give you some confidence-boosting shape.

  1. ROUND

If your breasts are a round shape and are equally full on top and bottom, then you’re lucky enough not to need too much support.

You can probably get away with a thin bra without underwire as you don’t need to change the position of your breasts.


If you have smaller breasts that gravitate to the outside of the chest then you’re an East West.

Another sign is nipples that point outwards and a gap between your cleavage.

A t-shirt bra will help to create a smooth silhouette and pull the breasts in, giving you a more streamlined shape.


Side set breasts are fuller than East Wests but still fall outwards, and there’s also a wide space between breasts.

The best bra for you is a plunge bra, which will pull the breasts up and in.

You may be particularly prone to your breasts spilling out of the side because of their position if the cup is too small. So you may need a cup size bigger than you normally go for if you find this happening.


Breasts that are smaller at the top than they are at the bottom and are longer than they are wide are considered slender, especially if they’re on the small side.

A plunge bra will help to lift the breasts and you might want to consider padding for extra oomph.


If your breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom, then you’re a Bell Shape.

Because women with Bell shaped breasts tend to have fuller busts, you need a bra with plenty of support to lift the breasts.


Almost all women have one breast that is larger than the other to some degree, and even Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about the perils of having lopsided boobs.

If your asymmetry is significant enough to cause a problem, then a bra with removable padding is your friend as you can remove it on the side of your larger breast.


If your breasts are rounded but slightly less full at the top then you’re lucky enough to be teardrop shaped.

These kind of breasts are easy to accommodate in any style of bra, making shopping a lot easier when all you have to worry about is size.

You can probably get away with anything from a balconette to a plunge

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