Locals shun poorly organized Arua City NRM Day



February 10, 2023

ARUA. The local residents of Arua City mainly from Ayivu Division and in the busy business center of the city on Friday boycotted the visibly poorly organized Arua City belated 37th NRM Liberation Day celebration at Arua public primary school ground.

Many locals were seen minding their own businesses as the NRM party officials struggled to attract people to come and fill the empty chairs which were well arranged on the bare ground of the school.

Despite hiring a brass band as one of the means of luring locals to the venue of the function, many remained adamant to attend the function which was presided over by Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny, the Minister of Northern Uganda.

“I can’t waste my time to go there and stand in this scotching sun without food. I better do my work which will bring food on my table other than going to the function which I can see is poorly organized without food,” Sabir Noor Muzamil, a mechanic and a resident of Arua Central Division said on the fateful day.

The function which was supposed to start at 10:00am was forced to start at about 2:00pm as the NRM leaders kept on buying time by matching through the streets of Arua City with the aim of attracting crowd but all in vain.

As a result, the function which was supposed to end at 2:00pm dragged on up to 5:00pm thus starving the few pressure groups and journalists who turned up. Some of the locals were overheard cursing the NRM leaders of Arua City for organizing such a shame activity despite the monies collected in the name of the function.

Many people including the area MPs, the Indian Community in Arua City, Businessmen and women of Arua, individuals, government institutions like Abi Zardi among others extended both financial support in millions of shillings and material support in form of sodas and drinking water towards the function.

But the value of their contribution was not realized on ground as the few locals who turned up were left crying for the first time in the history of NRM Day in Arua City.

“Guest of Honor I want to apologize on behalf of my people of Ayivu. I know my people very well, when given time, this place was not going to be enough. In a very special way, I want to thank my women from Pokea borderline music and those who came from Ayivu west, my MC, I thank you for representing our people of Ayivu West in this particular event. So, next time given enough time, I know madam Guest of Honor you will even feel happy but don’t get discouraged,” John Lematia, the Ayivu West Division MP begged Minister Kwiyucwiny to pardon them of the shame.

When contacted on phone, James Emvi, the Arua City NRM Administrative Secretary who also comes from Ayivu blamed the problem on people who promised money for the function and ended up not fulfilling their pledge.

“There was no money. The budget we made was merely paper without money. Even we didn’t pay many service providers,” Emvi claimed.



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