Lokodo: It Was Pemba In ‘That’ Sex Video

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Ethics and integrity minister Fr. Simon Lokodo has said they have evidence that it was Jack Pemba who starred in a home made sex video that went viral on social media last week.

Pemba, a flashy businessman and socialite, has issued a statement denying he is the the man seen being ravished by a lady in the two recording that were widely shared last week on whatsapp .

Pemba and Suleman were once an item

But Lokodo has been quoted by the Daily Monitor as insisting it was Pemba on the receiving end of the video, though the man’s face is not visible in the two clips.


“Jack Pemba is the author of the video that has been making rounds on social media. The anti-pornography committee and UCC have established that it was Jack Pemba,” Lokodo is quoted as saying.

The lady, identified as Suleman Salam Urabai and whose face is clearly visible on the clips, confirmed she is having sex in the video and blames her lover for exposing to the public what they did privately and while in love.

Fr. Lokodo further said Pemba and Suleman have since gone in hiding.

Pemba told Red Pepper that he is out of the country while Suleman in an interview with Red Pepper also said she flew out of Uganda hours after the video was released to ‘chill out with her family’.

Lokodo added: “We intend to have a meeting with UCC, Police, NITA and intelligence to come out with a affirmative action to be able to know who uploads and watches these dirty things,” Lokodo said.

Here are excerpts from the Red Pepper Interview with Salam Urabai.

RP: He denies he is not the one in video that you just want to blackmail him, How true is that?

Salam: He sent the video to my friend called Talia and my friend called me saying Jack has leaked it. And she still has the chat and screenshots of it. It came from him. Blackmail him for what? He is the one threatening to hurt me that why I had to leave the country
RP: How exactly does he want to hurt you?
Salam: He said he will teach me a lesson in my life that I will never forget. So Allah knows best. He can even hurt me physically since he used to beat me as well

RP: Is there anything that can link that video to Jack because now it is his words against yours?
Salam: First of all everyone knows about me and him. You at Red Pepper also published various stories about us. Why him of all people. He called my mom and threatened to release the videos himself. And I wish he could take off his short so you could see his belly and compare it to the video.

RP: Did you report the matter to any authorities in regard to the threats?
Salam: My family handled that since I left the country immediately. My sisters took care of that.

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