Lokodo Moves To Arrest ‘Pornographic’ Ministers

Elderly women strip naked before Gen Aronda and Mr Migereko. Photo: Stephen Okello/ Daily Monitor

State minister for ethics and integrity Simon Lokodo has threatened to drag two of his cabinet colleagues to court over what sources called participating in pornography.

Father Simon Lokodo
Father Simon Lokodo

The controversial minister according to sources shocked cabinet last week when he demanded to know what two of his colleagues Daudi Migereko and Gen. Robert Aronda Nyakairima were allegedlt doing with naked women.

This was in cabinet which sat last Wednesday. Sources told us that it all started when Lokodo complained that his Anti-Pornography law was being violated by even some of his colleagues yet they are supposed to be on the forefront to implement it.

“I want to know what these two ministers were doing with naked women in Amuru. What were you doing with them? This is pornography. Aren’t you aware that we passed a law that prohibit pornography? What were you doing with naked women in public?” sources quoted Lokodo as telling ministers.

The whole meeting according to sources burst into untold laughter because of the way the minister had turned his colagues’ woes comical.

“It was a real situation one didn’t expect to occur in cabinet. People laughed their hearts out but the minister seemed determined to defend his docket. People laughed and laughed to the extent of some ministers letting tears roll down their cheeks because of excitement caused by Lokodo,” a snoop told us.

Upon seeing that the minister was determined to pursue his pals, Migereko according to our sources took to the floor.

He first cleared his throat four times as his colleagues continued to laugh.

But before speaking, the minister according to sources almost shed tears as he narrated their ordeal that day in Apaa village in Amuru district.

Migereko assured members that actually, what they saw in the media was just child of what happened! He stated that the situation on the ground was very nasty.

Even the photos that members viewed in the media according to Migereko were simply childish.

He stated that the ‘mother’ of the situation was on the ground that day.

“These women were so determined. What you saw in the media was just 30% of what occurred. My colleagues, I want to tell you, we saw what we have never seen. Women came infront of us and started somersaulting. They were fully naked and it was a terrible situation. Can you imagine a women standing infront of you and somersaults while beating her private parts? First of all, she is naked and does such a thing? This is what we went through,” sources quoted Migereko as narrating his ordeal.

Elderly women strip naked before Gen Aronda and Mr Migereko. Photo: Stephen Okello/ Daily Monitor
Elderly women strip naked before Gen Aronda and Mr Migereko. Photo: Stephen Okello/ Daily Monitor

The same minister according to sources, assured the ministers that by the time they went to the ground, they had only been briefed that there was supposed to be a demonstration in case they went ahead with their plans to demarcate the boundaries.

As such, security was properly arranged including the army to ensure that there was no harm.

But before this demarcation exercise, the ministers had planned to first hold a meeting with the locals to hear from them what best solution was to resolve the matter.

This is where the problem came up.

“The women had been organized. We suspect they were given booze and information suggests that they even underwent rehearsals on how to do their thing. We never expected this at all. They caught us unaware. We were told that in case this ‘nude demonstration’ had failed and we proceeded with our exercise, another group of armed men was going to come in. they had machets, bows and arrows and other gadgets. We only survived,” Migereko allegedly explained.

Indeed, his alleged explanation collaborates what Gen. Aronda told the MPs sitting on defense and internal affairs committee last Thursday.

He said that they were actually, saved by Aruu county MP Odonga Otto who intervened.

He said the situation was going to be worse than the nude women!

Our sources stated that Lokodo’s furry is to the effect that even as the ministers were exposed to free eclipse by those old women, they didn’t take steps to arrest them.

Secondly, he was perturbed as to why the ministers with all the security bosses around including army boys, couldn’t contain the situation but ‘left’ the wrinkled women to show their ‘goodies’ even to the young kids around.

“This is pornography! What were those kids being exposed to? We must pursue this matter because it is against the law! Why were these women not arrested but ministers kept looking at them?” sources quoted him as dramatizing the saga in cabinet.

Migereko tried to explain and actually, sources told us that ministers bought into his explanation but his only fear was about the pressure on the two ministers to take goats and be cleansed in Acholi.

“Now, what about this issue of cleansing? We are being asked to take goats for our cleansing. What should we do?” sources quoted him as stating to prompting Acholi minister Eng. Hilary Onek to chip in.

“Don’t go for cleansing. Your trip to Amuru wasn’t to do with culture but you went to do government work. You are therefore protected. You didn’t go there to perform cultural functions. This is when you would have done the cleansing,” sources quoted Onek as stating.


The two ministers and a team of soldiers raided Apaa village in Amuru district on a land mission two weeks ago.

However, a group of women emerged from nowhere while naked.

They started yelling while beating their ‘goods’ and pointing their breasts at the government officials.

The meeting therefore flopped. A few days later, the Acholi chiefdom came out and issued a release ordering the ministers to go for cleansing to avoid facing misfortunes.

The chiefs advised the ministers to take goats but they are yet to do that job. Efforts to speak to Onek were futile as his phone was off.

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