Luzira Escapee Re-arrested After 9 Months In Hiding


An inmate who escaped from Luzira prisons in July last year has been re-arrested.

Moses Nuwagaba was serving a 65-year sentence for raping a Catholic nun and committing aggravated robbery in Mbarara District.

Niwagaba’s run out nine months after the daring escape from Luzira Upper Prisons. He was re-arrested last week in Bushenyi at his mother’s house in an operation led by the police and prisons officers from Nyamushakyana Prisons.

Dr Johnson Byabashaija, the Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons, told the media on Monday that Nuwagaba is going to be re-admitted to prison and later be taken to court to face additional charges of escaping from lawful custody.

The prisons authorities will add the days he has spent outside prison on his sentence and also punish him for escaping.

Dr Byabashaija noted that they as Prisons Authority were professionally injured by the escape of Nuwagaba from custody saying that the Prison’s mandate is to protect the people from such criminals.

Byabashaija said they are not yet precise on how Nuwagaba managed to escape but that investigations. He noted that since he has the culprit, the investigations will be much easier.

He said that from the escape of this high profile prisoner, Uganda Prisons learnt its lessons saying that they now have a different uniform for high profile offenders, increase of monitoring cameras from 6 to 21 in the maximum prison and others.

He noted that they learnt a lesson and that it will not be easy for any prisoner to escape from Luzira prison any more.

This is one of the very few cases of a successful escape from Luzira Maximum Prisons in almost 40 years. One other known escape is that of Sergeant Lawrence Sokoro, a convicted former soldier who escaped in 1975.

The Uganda Prisons department is still hunting for Sokoro, who escaped from the West Wing of Luzira Upper Prison.The prisons authorities still hope to re-arrest Sergeant Sokoro and charge him for escaping from lawful custody.

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