M23 Rebels Take Over Goma Airport

M23 Rebels in Jubilation after entering Goma City

Rebel fighters M23 have confirmed the capture of Goma Airport in the
eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Goma city is the largest in the east of the
central African nation.

The rebels made this revelation on their Facebook wall saying
“Mapambano ineelekeya ku Mont goma. Aeroport yote Tayari.”
meaning that though fighting continues in Goma the airport is under their control.

Tens of thousands of people have fled recent fighting, which has led to fears of a resumption
of the DR Congo war, in which some five million people died.

Neighbouring Rwanda has denied persistent accusations that it backs the rebels.
Rwanda was accused alongside Uganda by the UN of supporting the rebel group.

On Monday, M23 accused the Congolese army of deliberately firing across the border onto its territory.
UN sources have confirmed they believe the rebels control Goma’s airport and a local resident told
the BBC he could see rebel soldiers there.

Earlier, there were unconfirmed reports that the rebels had taken over the whole city which has
a sizable UN presence.However, some rebels used the cover of civilians to bypass the UN base and enter the town.

What has been confirmed is their entry into the main central city.


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