M7 ban on minerals bites hard on MP Drito

Drito Martin, MP Madi Okollo County

Drito Martin, the MP for Madi Okollo County in Arua district is nursing severe financial wounds after president Museveni chose to slap a ban on export of unprocessed minerals.

Drito Martin,  MP Madi Okollo County
Drito Martin, MP Madi Okollo County

Drito together with a line of other members including generals Odongo Jeje and Kahinda Otafiire are renown dealers in minerals mainly Gold.

However, snoops tell us that the recent decree by Gen Museveni banning exportation of unprocessed minerals has started impacting negatively on Drito.

This dark-skinnned man from West Nile has got a license dealing in minerals among which includes gold but Museveni is making life hard for him and his partners.

“This decree is affecting us a lot. Mineral dealers are facing a hard time. I want to meet the president so that I can explain to him about the poison in his decree. It shouldn’t be a blanket decree but should have exemptions. We are now stuck with gold. We can’t export it,” a snoop overheard him cry in the corridors.

We hear, Drito has already sought an appointment with Museveni so that all this is explained to him and if need be, the ban be regulated

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