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President Yoweri Musevreni has launched the Lwampanga – Namasale ferry with a call to the people of Lango sub region and those in Amolatar district in particular to increase their agricultural production in order to benefit from the Kampala market and beyond.

“You were cut off by Lake Kioga; now you have been liberated from isolation. I know the people of Lango are very hard working. I, therefore, urge you and the people of Uganda to produce more to sell to Kampala,” the President counseled.

The 2.3 million Euro Namasale – Lwampanga modern ferry, was fabricated and assembled in Uganda by Johs Gram-Hanssen APS of Denmark. The facility can carry 12 small vehicles and 4 tracks as well as passengers.

The state of the art machine has radar that can monitor under water obstacles and can also measure and detect downwards, the depth of the water body.

The President who, commissioned the ferry and had a brief ride on it, reminded the people of the area that he was fulfilling his 2011 campaign pledge of providing a ferry.

He said the commissioning of the ferry disproved the doubting Thomases who thought it was impossible. He told them that the second ferry will be provided to the same route in the future.

President Museveni also made a stop-over at Namasale Trading Centre and advised the people of the area to take advantage of the ferry that has now shortened the distance to Kampala by over 150 miles and take their produce to sell to the city and other areas.

The President thereafter travelled to Amolatar Sub-County where he commissioned a maize milling project that he donated to the Amolatar Women in Informal Groups Organizing and Enterprising (AWIGOE) and advised members to prioritize good management of their project. He later launched the power line to Amolatar district.

Museveni, who was the chief guest at the thanksgiving service for the projects that he had just commissioned in Amolatar district, told a rally at Boma grounds that the philosophy of NRM is implementing priority programmes in phases.

“One by one makes bundle. That is the philosophy of NRM. Those who are not serious or talk as if all things can be done at the same time, don’t believe that philosophy and that is our realistic way of doing things not full of lies,” he observed.

On other infrastructure like roads and electricity, the President promised the people of the area that the road from Dokolo to Amolatar will in the future be bituminized adding that even electricity will be extended using government’s funds to areas that have no power.

He was glad to observe that most of the country had good road linkages and advised district leaders to utilize the road equipment recently provided to them by government to work on the roads.

President Museveni further appealed to the people of Amolatar to stop catching immature fish. He, therefore, called on radio stations in Lira Sub-Region to sensitize the fishing community to refrain from catching immature fish instead of using the greater percentage of their air time only to abuse him.

He thanked the people of Lango and Amolatar in particular for voting for him and the NRM leaders noting that they elected positive leadership that will change their lives for the better saying “you will see the difference”, he assured them.

The congregation was also addressed by several district leaders who thanked President Museveni for all the projects they have received from the NRM government.



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