M7, Golola Display Kick Boxing Techniques

Uganda Kick Boxing Champion Moses Golola has said that it only under the regime of president Museveni that he has flourished and emerged as a kick boxing champion


“I have become Kicking boxing star under you. You are not a joking subject,” Presidential Press Secretary Lindah Nabusayi quoted Golola applauding Museveni yesterday at Rose Namayanja’s thanks giving ceremony at Semuto, Nakaseke district.

Namayanja was thanking President Museveni for appointing her as National Resistance Movement Treasurer.

Golola also lauded Museveni for kicking polio out of Uganda.


“You are the only one who has kicked polio out of Uganda,” Golola told President Museveni.

Namayanja was among National Resistance Movement diehards who scooped jobs at the party secretariat after amending the party constitution early this year and giving party chairman, Museveni power to appoint secretariat staff.


Prior to taking the current portfolio, Rose Namayanja, the Nakaseke Woman Member of Parliament served as Minister of Information and National Guidance.

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