M7 Ministers That Sign Free Allowances Named

Minister Matia Kasaija

A list of ministers who are found of signing for free allowances in parliament are today being exposed.

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah
Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah


The ministers were exposed following a decision by deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya to make a roll call on all members of parliament.

The decision came after parliament failed to realize quorum to pass a government loan worth USD83m on Thursday.

And yet, the house had in the previous day Wednesday failed to proceed after ministers dodged the sitting and yet two of them [Gen. Aronda Nyakairima] and Matia Kasaija were supposed to make reports on the floor!

Following the roll call, it has emerged that 20 ministers are actually victims of this perpetual signing of free allowances.

They sign in the parliamentary register and immediately vanish but at the end of the month, they pocket fat salaries. In this briefing we name the ministers!


She is the state minister for microfinance.

She is one of the ministers who can spend a quarter of the year without saying a word on the floor of parliament.

She is dark-skinned and rarely  interacts with her colleagues. She is quiet most of her time.


The state minister for Teso affairs is no exceptional.

She is jolly and highly respected by members. However, it is not clear what really happened to her because the roll call denied her.


The state minister for local government.

He is known as a bitenge man because of his style of dressing. He is one person with his own dress code and rarely speaks on the floor when he chooses to turn up.

He is only remembered for donning Museveni’s T-Shirt in the last parliament even when he was a shadow minister for internal affairs.

His colleagues at that time [last parliament] used to calculate the number of words they confide in him as shadow ministers because they suspected him to be a huge mole in FDC.

This came to pass when he finally ‘defected’ and coordinated Museveni’s west Nile political intelligence!


Those in cabinet say that for now, him, Henry Kajura and Moses Ali have got relief.

We are told there had been a lot of pressure on this agriculture minister in terms of who exactly is older than the other among the trio.

However, the appointment of Philemon Mateke has now changed the game.

All eyes are on him as the oldest minister we have. That aside, Tress cannot be traced in parliament records as he is one of the MPs who were exposed as dodgy.


The state minister for transport seems to lack transport to bring him to parliament for debates.

He is one of the ministers who were caught unaware when a roll call was made. He doesn’t attend house sittings!


The state minister for disaster did disaster to himself when he chose to dodge his main source of income.

He is supposed to be in parliament attending to matters on the floor but facts are that the roll call indicated that he is one of the dodging ministers Museveni is keeping around.


Not too much is known about this man. The only thing about him is that he is dark-skinned, massive in terms of weight and above all, he is pot bellied! In fact, someone may earn himself a free passport to Luzira in case he claimed that Engola buttons his jacket.

It is very rare if not impossible because of his round-about-like belly! He is the NRM vice chairman for the north and also state minister for housing but also dodges parliament.


The justice and constitutional affairs minister may anytime from now suffer a suit in respect to his continued absence from parliament.

Enraged voters might sue him for doing injustice to them by denying them representation.

At the time of roll calling, Kahinda also knows that he was somewhere not in parliament.


The state ministers for finance no wonder sometimes he blunders on the floor.

Despite the critical docket he occupies and the fact that parliament is ever handling financial-related matters, he is one of the ministers who haven’t appreciated the reasons of being an MP. He doesn’t attend according to the roll call.


Whoever bumps into this honorable from Kibaale must tell him that actually parliament is sitting.

Recently, he held a mega bash after Museveni appointed him a full finance minister.

The function took place in his constituency. However, it is not clear whether up to now he is still celebrating his fresh appointment that he cannot attend parliament.

On Wednesday, deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya suspended the house sitting because of Kasaija who hadn’t come to parliament.

The following day, the same minister fell a victim of this dodging syndrome.


He is the state minister for Bunyoro affairs. This man actually, a few days ago was fired by hisown Bunyoro colleagues who accused him of doing completely nothing as chairman of the Bunyoro parliamentary group.

The group henceforth replaced him with Ignatius Besisira. As if he learnt no lesson, the same man who also represents Masindi municipality is not in parliament.


The defense minister is unfortunately falling a victim of this bad name.

Kiyonga who is a senior legislator and minister seems to have forgotten some key reasons as to why he came to parliament.

He was one of the ministers whom the roll call exposed as dodgy.


The energy state minister hails from Karamoja. Since he came to Kampala to make money, representation of the people he represents is one of the surest avenues through which he can become rich and also take some share to his people.

However, this is not the case. Lokeris actually seems to be sitting in a different parliament not the one we know at parliamentary avenue.


The state minister for urban planning seems to have been in the saloon that day while the roll call was being made.

She is known to belong among MPs who can’t leave without lip stick, eye pencil and other artificial beauty cosmetics.

The truth is that Najjemba might have to explain where she usually sits when parliament is on.


The state minister for lands has turned herself into a squatter in parliament.

She is one of the many ministers who we are sure may have to file an explanation to the speaker in case he chooses to demand it.

She is a renowned warrior especially on land goons but when it comes to translating those wars into actual debates in parliament for new policies to be made, she shies away! She wasn’t in the house!!


The last time he was heard of in parliament was actually when he turned up and assured a parliamentary committee that he is idle with no schedule of work.

Secondly, he featured are a PAC investigation indicated that he had pocketed what doesn’t belong to him in terms of allowances worth shs12m.

He was directed to refund it and as we talk, he is one of the MPs still getting chopped salaries courtesy of this irregularity! Nyanzi is state minister in charge of vice president’s office and for him; turning up in parliament seems to be something that is new to his ears. He was part of the Oulanya list suspects.


He is the MP for Buruli county and new in cabinet. He is therefore expected to be regular in parliament to appease the powers that be so that he can get a kisanja in cabinet.

But this is not the case. The Naads minister is doing things awkwardly because he is part of the list of absentees!


The state minister for ICT should have been among the regular MPs to at least test the new technology of electronic voting in parliament.

This is not the case. Nyombi who represents Kassanda south may have to prepare a detailed statement to his employers as to why turning up to parliament is a big task for him to do.

He is categorized among those absentee ministers who therefore risk disciplinary action in case Oulanya takes matters a notch higher!

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