M7 Pays Tribute to the Fallen General Julius Oketta

M7 Pays Tribute to the Fallen General Julius Oketta

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Yoweri Museveni has paid his last tribute to the fallen Maj Gen Julius Oketta who passed away on Saturday morning at Kadic Hospital in Kampala.

Museveni described Oketta as a very brave soldier who helped in fighting Lakwena rebels in northern Uganda.

“Oketta was a very brave fighter. His battalion fought bravely at Corner Kilak and subdued that confused woman Lakwena,” Museveni said before adding that; “He was among the UNLA fighters I persuaded to join the NRA.”

Museveni also commended Oketta for his efforts in fighting the Ebola epidemic in Uganda and West Africa.

Museveni showed much concern to the increased cases of heart attacks among top government officials, and promised to work on it as much as he can.

“Internally in the army we’ve to discuss health checks because you remember we had a similar problem of Aronda, Karuhanga, Bamuze and Kategaya.”

He said government will take care of the widow and children.

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