M7 Visits 1520 AD Biharwe Eclipse Monument

Yesterday, President Museveni was the chief guest at the grand opening of Igongo country hotel in Mbarara.


The President who earlier visited the 1520 Biharwe Eclipse Monument was accompanied by the First Lady Janet Museveni.

According to legends of Bunyoro, Buganda and Nkore, the historical significance of that eclipse cannot be underestimated as it deflated a full throttle battle!


Speaking at the ceremony at the newly revamped and expanded Igongo Cultural Centre, President Museveni said he had been telling the Ministry of Gender to preserve Uganda’s cultural items, like Ekyanzi and Endosho in the case of Ankole for tourism and our children to see in future.

“African culture and languages are very rich. There are words I can’t personally translate to English, words like okwetsimba,” said the President renowned for efforts to preserve Africa’s culture and languages.


The President used the occassion to warn Ugandans against segregation.

“When NRM took charge of Uganda, we opposed segregation of every form; gender, religion or tribe. If you promote tribalism, you do so to your detriment. My neighbours are cattle-keepers – we all produce milk. My progress, therefore, does not rely on my neighbours, but on the people of Kampala and the rest of the East African region. So if one goes around promoting tribal chauvinism, he is working against his own interests. He is his own enemy,” -the President said.


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