The money that the president donated to youths in Busoga sub region is missing in some districts, Red Pepper exclusively reveals.


While in Kamuli last years, the president donated 250 million to the youths in this region and handed it over to the youth chairperson Samson Bwire in the presence of former minister for youths, Ronald Kibuule.

Each district received a share of 20 million that was aimed at setting and boosting development projects for the youths.

However, barely a year down the road, reports from particularly Namayingo district indicate that this money is no more nor do the concerned district leaders ably show where it was invested.

Talking to Red Pepper at the office of the president, former Namayingo RDC, Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka said that before he was transferred from Namayingo, he invited the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to investigate the whereabouts of the money.

“When I went to Namayingo, I found grave theft of government money, including the money that the president gave to youths in Busoga. This theft came to my attention, after the district commercial officer made a report implicating some officials. I effected some arrests of; the district youth chairperson-Fred Okumu, the chairperson Bodaboda SACCO-Baraza, the manager and the treasurer of the SACCO in relation to the president’s money misuse,” he said.

Explaining what happened to the suspects, Hashaka said that the case file was mishandled at police by the OC CID boss one Okwir in that it was sent to the Resident State Attorney without furnishing it with the necessary evidence. The file was then dismissed.

“When this landed in the youths’ ears, they demonstrated in disappointment. I also took them straight to the DPC for action. The DPC requested for the recalling of the court file for further investigation but still up to now, the file has had little progress despite the available evidence that the money was shared,” he added.

The series of youths’ demonstrations led to the intervention of Police Standards Unit officials after a complaint was logged to them about the investigating officers.

Red Pepper also contacted Namayingo vice youth chairperson, Federiko Mugagulo, who said that he split with his chairman because he was suggesting that they share the money.

“When that money came, the district youth leaders divided this money amongst themselves and two bodaboda groups. They invested the money in their personal businesses, others bought cars and motorcycles. This money is no more.”

About what they did as leaders he said; “I tried to go to chairman LC5’s office, Obondo Waiswa, he did not only chase me out of his office but also beat me up and this case is still in court pending determination by Namayingo grade 1 magistrate court.”

We also spoke to Buhemba youth councilor, Fred Tajiri also confirmed the loss of this money.

When contacted, Namayingo LC5 Chairman Obondo for a comment and quashed all the allegations.

“It is true this money was not properly used by the bodaboda youths SACCO and I am also concerned. The youths started fighting over this money as others wanted to share it while others wanted to buy motorcycles. However, Namayingo as a district has never received money. Money that has not come on the district account cannot be district money. But bodaboda riders are also registered as Community Based Organizations who made proposals to the president’s office for financial help and this money came direct from Kampala to the youths and they started fighting for it,” Obondo said.

He added that; “Our intervention was to make sure the money goes to the group that made the proposal while others opposed saying that the money be distributed to several other groups.”

Responding to beating, Obondo said that Mugagulo needs to go for mental check up before it is too late because what he did was to go and fight in his office.

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