Machete-wielding Murder Suspect Resists Arrest, Put out of Action

Kigezi Regional Police Spokesperson, Elly Maate

Kabale – A prime suspect, in the murder of a 30 years old man in Kabale early this month (August 2021) was on Wednesday night shot dead during an operation to append him and his accomplice.

Previously, Moses Akampurira, 30, a resident of Kitumba sub-county in Kabale district was gruesomely murdered on August 1 evening at T and J bar in Kigongi ward, Central division in Kabale Municipality.

It was alleged that the victim was killed by two people Identified only as Babu and Jasper by stabbing and was pronounced dead on arrival.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Regional Police Spokesperson, revealed that on Wednesday night at 9 pm police carried out a joint security intelligence operation to apprehend other suspects who were engaged in a case of murder by stabbing one Akampurira Moses which was at around T & J pub.

Maate says that with the help of one Akankwasa Jasper who had been arrested on Wednesday morning upon thorough interrogation, he confessed to having executed the murder with two others known as Kakofira and Babu.

Maate says that  In pursuit of the suspects who had been tricked to meet their accomplice (Jasper) at Rushaki village, Southern Division Kabale municipality, the two stormed out of their hideout in the Forest with their jackets on.

Upon an alert from police officers to stop they both pulled out their machetes ready to engage but in the process of self-defence one Kakofira was shot and they both fled back to the forest and

Maate says that the Body was retrieved from the scene and taken to Kabale referral hospital for postmortem Inquiries continues. 

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