Magufuli fires 4 officials For Violating Travel Ban

President John Magufuli has sacked four senior officials from the Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) for travelling abroad without permission.


According to Chief Secretary Ombeni Sefue, the officials asked for permits to travel abroad, but they were not granted. They, however, proceeded with their trips.

Mr Sefue named the officials as: Ms Mary Mosha, Mr Ekwabi Mujungu, Ms Doreen Kapwani and Ms Rukia Nikitas. He said, their sacking should serve as a lesson to other public servants that Dr Magufuli’s order to ban foreign travels “is not a joke.”

On his third day in office, President Magufuli announced a ban on all but essential foreign travels by public servants who should first secure a permit from the President or Chief Secretary.

He also restricted first class and business class tickets to the President, Vice President and Prime Minister. Instead, Dr Magufuli ordered officials to make frequent visits to rural areas to learn and solve people’s problems.

The move was among his cost-cutting measures to avoid unnecessary government expenditure and save funds for other pressing matters affecting the general public starting with health.

Mr Sefue also directed all permanent secretaries to review trips of all public servants who have travelled abroad since the order was issued to check if they obtained acquired permits.

“They should report all those who have violated the President’s order so that disciplinary measures can be taken against them.

“In an event that a permanent secretary is not going to expose those who did not comply with the order, and if we learn of such a thing, we will extend the punishment to the PS. We expect full support from senior officials and all public servants in following presidential orders,” said Mr Sefue.


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