Mulago Health Worker, Najjeera Businessman Become Maiden Winners in MTN MoMoNyabo Promotion

MTN's Emmanuel Thoryek (R) presents Bridget Kitimbo's dummy cheque. Her money was sent directly to her phone and that of her beneficiary

Henry Otafiire (L) receives his dummy cheque from MTN’s Aggrey (R). His money was sent directly to his phone and that of his sister

Kampala – The economic disruption caused by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic has left several people financially strained.

MTN Uganda through its MoMoNyabo promotion has come out to give back to its customers in form of cash prizes to help them rebuild financially and take care of their accumulated bills following the economic disruption caused by the pandemic.

Dubbed “MoMoNyabo Together” this year, winners stand a chance to win hard cash for themselves and their loved ones or communities as opposed to the cars which were given out in the previous MoMo Nyabo promotions.

Today we bring you one of the first winners of this promotion that is aimed at rebuilding together.

Henry Otafiire, 28, a businessman living with his parents in Najjera, a Kampala suburb was the first winner to receive a phone call from Patricko Mujuuko and Zahara Toto the hosts of this year’s show.

Otafiire, an ardent user of the MTN MoMo service, successfully answered all four questions about the service correctly. Each question was worth 800,000 Uganda shillings. Otafiire at the end of the game managed to bag himself a whopping 4,200,000 Uganda shillings.

Bridget Kitimbo, a laboratory technologist with the Mulago hospital sickle cell department was the second winner of this year’s MoMoNyabo promotion.  

“It seemed like a big joke at first but I have been seeing the Prosper advert on Television so I quickly believed that I was a winner!” said an excited Kitimbo, a laboratory technician with the sickle cell Department at Mulago Hospital.

Kitimbo has been using MTN Mobile Money to buy airtime, internet data, voice bundles and paying for her shopping using MoMo Pay.

Unknown to her, she was automatically entered into a draw where she emerged a winner. Subsequently, the MoMo Nyabo team visited her workplace where she had to answer a few simple questions to win cash for her and her loved ones.

MTN’s Emmanuel Thoryek (R) presents Bridget Kitimbo’s dummy cheque. Her money was sent directly to her phone and that of her beneficiary

At the end of the day, Kitimbo won a total of Ugx 3,400,000. She took Ugx 2,200,000 while her father, James Kisambira got Ugx 1,200,000 that was instantly transferred to their phones. Her dummy cheque was presented to her by Emmanuel Thoryek, a Trade Manager from MTN Uganda.

Thoryek encouraged Kitimbo and all MTN subscribers to keep using MTN MoMo.

This year’s promotion has made it possible for a winner to also nominate a beneficiary that way also standing with another during these rather difficult times because at the end of the day we are all in this together.

Kitimbo says that with the recent lock down, Public transport fares have been high, something that was a big challenge for her since she has to commute to work every day.

Above everything, Kitimbo’s greatest desire has for long been to upgrade her education but she was limited by finances. However, with the money she won from the MTN MoMo Nyabo Together promotion, her dream can materialize.

 “Seeing is believing,” Kitimbo said as she received the mobile money message alert. Her joy and excitement couldn’t be hidden.

She ululated as she said indeed the promotion is real and anyone can stand a chance to win.

Otafiire, an entrepreneur dealing in the production of yoghurt whose business was hit during the lockdown said that he would now have capital to re-invest in his business.

COVID 19 pandemic disrupted many businesses and Otafiire’s was not an exemption. However, his continued MoMo transactions have seen him win some money that he is going to reinvest into his business.

Just like this year’s campaign slogan, MoMo Nyabo Together, Otafiire was granted the opportunity to share the money he won with someone or community of his choice. Of this money, Otafiire got to share ugx1.600,000 with his beneficiary while he remained with UGX2,600,000 His sister Nankunda Fiona reaped from this as she was who Otafiire nominated as a beneficiary. Otafiire when asked why he decided to choose his sister said, “We suffer together and enjoy together.”

Aggrey Byaruhanga, MTN’s Regional Marketing Manager, handed Otafiire his dummy cheque and congratulated as well as thanked him for actively using the MTN service. Byaruhanga proceeded to send the money he had won to his mobile money wallet.

Otafiire’s sister wasn’t home at the time when the money was sent. However when Otafiire called her to confirm whether she had received her share of the money, an excited Nankunda could be heard over the phone screaming having confirmed that indeed she had received Ugx 1,600,000 shillings.

Patricko and Zahara Tooto hosting the live MoMoNyabo Together show

Byaruhanga encouraged Ugandans to embrace the convenience that comes with transacting using mobile money. According to him, one is able to go about their different businesses at the comfort of their homes, offices and anywhere else.

Otafiire encouraged all MTN subscribers to make good use of the MoMo services because once one uses these services, they automatically stand a chance to win and win big.

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Apart from the winners called in studio, 250 people win 50,000 shillings directly every day. All you have to do is pay using MTN MoMo and stand a chance to win

Use Mobile Money to pay for everything including airtime, data, voice bundles, yaka, water, television subscription and so much more. Watch the live draw game shows every weekday at 8.20pm on NBS TV and Bukedde TV hosted by Zahara Tooto and Patricko Mujuuka. You could be the next winner because with MoMo Nyabo together, everyone is a winner.

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