Majority Officers of the Uganda Police Force Are Distant From Major Roles of Their Institution

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By Kasoma Joshua Zake-RDC

Kasoma Joshua Zake

When i talk of Uganda police force,i refer to a security institution which is obliged to protect lives and property of Ugandans.I however submit that many officers of the law organ forgot their roles and many Ugandans lost trust in the Uganda police force

I’ve always seen H:E Yoweri Museveni stating about “KAWUKUUMI” in the Uganda police force and indeed the C.I.C is right.A Lot of issues in the institution,Corrupt and greedy officers in the Uganda police force have made the public lose trust in the institution


Mzee Museveni has made sure that Uganda owns professional armed forces and indeed this is one reason why we front peace and stability.I honestly submit that those few Ugandans who always put into comparison the past obote’s regime and the current NRM GOVERNMENT have a serious problem.Many Ugandans still support the leading government because of peace and stability not only in Uganda but in east and central Africa.Its upon this that Mzee Museveni is referred to as the “father of the region”. The retired Gen has always made sure that there’s peace and stability in our region.Respect to the Uganda people’s defense force (U.P.D.F) for always excelling in battles/wars intended to restore peace and stability in areas which have been insecure not only in Uganda but also in countries like DRC,Somalia,Central Africa,etc.However,as the updf is hustling in many parts of Uganda for example against the A.D.F,in many countries against terrorists,the Uganda police force which is supposed to keep law and order has failed it’s duty.At a time i had a personal assumption that we replace police officers with army officers.

The NRM GOVERNMENT excelled in a strategy of professionalizing the Uganda police force,the Uganda prisons,the Uganda people’s defense force,etc but i don’t understand the insect eating Uganda police.Many police officers no longer understand the meaning of “POLICE”,they understand “MONEY”

H:E YKT Museveni has always lectured Ugandans on “PATRIOTISM” but am sure many don’t love Uganda.Many police officers aren’t willing to serve Ugandans amidst all situations,they serve Ugandans on conditions of “MONEY”.

Now,we won’t manage corruption,greed and selfishness at a time an institution which is meant to keep law and order,protect lives and property of Ugandans is promoting corruption.Many police officers are paid/bribed to arrest innocent Ugandans,many have suffered because of our police officers.These are security officers who’re now off truck.

Ugandans have lost trust in the Uganda police force because of the way they harass,arrest them.I once had a phone discussion with Afande Fred Enanga on conduct of police officers.Ugandans no longer get services of the law organ,Poor Ugandans no longer trust police because the institution is now money oriented.Some issues in my head (unlawful arrests,torture of different Ugandans during arrests where i was also a victim in 2020,police can’t arrest a suspect without getting sijui fuel from the complainant).I will officially submit my report to H:E YKT Museveni through the Hon minister for presidency where ive detailed how many police officers across the country have/are tarnished/tarnishing image of government.

I’ve always informed Ugandans that security personels thus police officers,army officers amongst others are non-partisan.These are civil servants who’re enrolled/recruited from all parts of Uganda neither on Political nor religious conditions but we focus at Ugandans who can serve fellow Ugandans,Ugandans who’re willing to keep law and order,officers who’re obliged to protect property and lives of Ugandans.Therefore,in police are officers who subscribe to different Political affiliations.

I call upon fellow Ugandans to be patriotic,in the struggle to battle corruption and embezzlement of public resources,”PATRIOTISM” is a key factor.I request our police officers to be patriotic and embark on roles of the Uganda police force.

One day i attacked corrupt police officers at Kiwoko police station in Nakaseke where i am a resident but surprisingly i received a call from the office of the regional police commander accusing me of attacking their officers.Imagine,instead of the regional office trying to put their officers to order(disciplinary action either),they ring a personality at a level of a resident district commissioner threatening him.This is where we’re fellow Ugandans,I’ve always informed you that we’ve got two serious issues which are failing the leading government thus “CORRUPTION AND LAND GRABBING”. Fellow leaders,let’s act and assist the president to clean different government institutions.



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