Man Discovers Box of Bullets in Garden

 A 35 year old man in Lwengo has recovered a metallic box full of bullets in his garden while digging a pit.

bullets (1)

Emanuel Kajunge (35), a resident of Nkoni Village, in Kingo Sub County in Lwengo district recovered the box while digging a foundation of his pit latrine in his garden. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

Kajunge says that as he was digging the pit when his hoe hit a metallic material and when he dug further he found the metallic box.

Kajunge says he was at first excited because he thought he had found a box full of coins because it was very heavy.

Kajunge says he was shocked on opening the box to find it full of live ammunition with 81 bullets in total.

Dickson Muwanga, one of the residents that had turned up at Kajunge’s home, advised him to take the bullets to the police.

The Southern Region Police Spokesperson Noah Sserunjoji has thanked Kajunge for handing over the bullets to police.

He, however, advised members of the public to never try to tamper with such strange objects but report their finds to the police. He said it was fortunate the box did not turn out to be a bomb because it would have killed or maimed many people.

Sserunjoji believes that the bullets could have been abandoned in the area during the 1979  war to topple the Idi Amin government. Masaka region was the scene of fierce fighting between the Uganda Army and the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces.

Cases of people recovering ammunition and bombs are common in this area, a similar case was reported early last year at Bijaba Village, in Kyazanga Town council in Lwengo district after recovering a stick hand grenade bomb while digging.

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