Man Fined Ugx 200, 000 For Killing Cat

A man in Ssembabule district has been forced to pay a Ugx 200, 000 fine after a cat he borrowed from a neighbour died in his house.


Everest Mukasa was fined by Paul Mugula, a resident of Nakagongo Village in Matete Rural Sub County, Ssembabule district.

Mugula accused Mukasa of neglecting the cat he had lent him leading to the feline’s sudden death.

Mukasa wanted the cat to help him fight a rat problem in his house.

However, barely days into brought to Mukasa’s house to hunt and kill rats, the cat turned up dead on the veranda.

Mukasa immediately informed his neighbour Mugula of the cat’s demise. To his shock, Mugula raised an alarm wailing for his dead cat.

Mugula then reported to the matter to the Village Chairperson Kalisa Byakatonda.

Kalisa called the Village Executive Committee that agreed Mukasa should compensate Mugula or the matter would be forwarded to the police.

Mugula had asked for Ugx 200, 000 as compensation.

Mukasa paid the Ugx 200, 000 fine despite protesting that Mugula had fined him excessively.

Mugula, however, said that he wanted to teach Mukasa and others a lesson to take care of animals and tools they borrow.

Cases of aggrieved parties fining offenders are common in Southern Region. A man lost a piece of land after he was fined for being found with stolen chicken.

The man Joseph Ssegawa had to surrender half an acre of land to Annet Namatovu on December 10, 2014 in order not to be reported to police. Ssegawa is a resident of Lusese Village in Nabigasa Sub County, Rakai.

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