Many win phones in the Idroid shilling campaign


Labor day was a clear description of May Madness.


The Month that brought the Wale Wale long awaited concert came bearing many more surprises.

Idroid USA unveiled a new sales strategy at the Jose Chameleone’s Double Trouble Wale Wale Concert.

This act that had revelers scrambling and grabbing tickets left crowds amazed at how defensive and competitive people can be.

Idroid gave out vouchers worth Shs100,000 to persons that attended the concerts at Kyadondo, Mukono and Entebbe.

Whoever made it to the venue got him/herself a voucher worth Shs100,000.

This is a discount on all of the Idroid phones from the headquarters on Kanjokya Street, Kololo.

After the Idroid Co-founder Jawad Qureshi explained to revelers that they would present the Idroid voucher and pick themselves a phone at a discount of Shs100, 000, all hell broke loose as they ran back to the entrance where the tickets were given out.

Time and again, clients have got themselves the Idroid at a slightly lower price courtesy of the voucher discount.

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