Two Vying For Maracha District Woman MP Seat pull daggers for Political verbal attacks

A picture of Hon. Ayaka Rose Atima and Ms. Judith Bako used in the controversial article claiming the latter bows for the incumbent.

Maracha – Two contestants for Maracha district Woman Parliamentary race are entangled in bitter social media altercations, which legal pundits could rule as criminal attacks.

We fear, some Ugandans might soon or later seek legal redress against social media, should the trend continue as this
sprouting between Hon. Ayaka Rose Atima her youthful opponent, Ms. Judith Bako, in Maracha district.

Its also not certain whether the wordings in social media are dictates from the ones attributed to or day dreaming thoughts of the handlers.

A post, allegedly from District Post Intelligence Desk handled by one Richard has stirred hot and boiling battle between the two political nemeses.

Ms. Bako has also taken to the same means to fight back what she summarizes as fabrication intended to blackmail her image.

Under the title “outspoken Judith Bako bows out of MP. race for Hon. Ayaka Rose” the post reads in part.

According to the purported exclusive from district intelligence desk, as Uganda edges close to general elections for 2021, with a revised roadmap from the electoral commission being released with massive changes due to COVID19 pandemic, many aspirants who had positioned themselves to dislodge bigwigs of the mighty NRM party have started conceding, latest being Mrs. Judith Bako, a district female youth councillor.

“She has for sometime been castigating the NRM Government, for insufficient service delivery by the district, where she been a very vocal councillor this term. But their council has been deeply embedded in corrupt tendencies, costing many technical staff who were involved, to be reprimanded and others transferred to other places” the district intelligence desk claims.

Teachers under the leadership of Mr. Robert Oka, Chairperson of NRM teachers Association allegedly pledge to second Hon. Ayaka Rose Atima and President Museveni unopposed in Maracha district.

The district intelligence desk continues that the corrupt officials are now scheming to dislodge the current Maracha Woman MP, for always taking a strong stand against the vice, as she has always been demanding for accountability and transparency in all transactions where public funds are involved within the district.

“She was the youth presenter in the West Nile Investment Forum organized by Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), alongside Uganda Investment Authority and the business community of West Nile, where the youth say she never articulated their concerns and investment plans effectively as they had expected and missed out Gen Salim Saleh’s support” the invisible intelligence desk accuses the youthful fire brand.

In the numerous allegations, the district intelligence desk to have credible report that Ms. Bako recorded several aborted consultation meeting which aimed to front her political a gender to the electorates.

“Information got from a highly credible source from the camp has imitated to us that their failed consultations with women and youth leaders from Oluffe, Oleba, Oluvu, Kijomoro and Yivu wherefore they were warned about sabotaging Hon Ayaka Rose, who has transformed their lives through lobbying for the disabled to get walking aids like clutches, wheelchairs, for women she has empowered them through financial assistance in SACCOs, linked teachers to Walimu Union SACCO where they have accessed affordable financial services tailored for them” the allegations read in part.

The unknown district intelligence desk in it’s scandalous and non- collaborative report, claims on seeing even teachers joining Hon. Ayaka and President Museveni’s camp, Ms. Bako Chickened out and bent low for Local 3 chair, in Maracha town council.

“In one of their secret meeting they were advised to seek other elective offices and we are reliably informed the Youth councillor, Judith Bako has started mobilizing for Chairperson Maracha Town council in the forthcoming elections, where she expects are fellow youth to support her. This comes at a time when teachers of Maracha district both private and public endorsed President Museveni and Hon Ayaka Rose as sole candidates for Presidency and Woman Member of Parliament” the allegations continue.

“In one of posts earlier this year, she asserted that; “This is my first political writeup for this year and I want whoever reads, to take it upon in good faith. As a young leader in this region, I would like to express my dissatisfaction in the manner in which NRM government is undermining us as West Nile. ………
She attacked her brothers Swadiq Angupale and Adomati Dickson who always brag that NRM has done enough yet they walk on foot and sometimes have a meal in a day to zipup their mouth in this beautiful year 2020…………….. ” From me, Bako Judith ( Maracha Zamva)”.

The post bearing pictures of the two political antagonists, side by side, without specification nor evidence, endlessly claim the youth are bitter to their female colleague of failed opportunities from Gen. Salem Saleh.

“The youth are charged up over Judith Bako’s failure to connect them to Gen. Saleh as she has promised them during the making of the documentary on Miria Adua Falls about opportunities for the investment” the so called district intelligence desk reports.

In her defense, Ms. Bako’s kind words only ended at greeting readers and the encouraging conclusion of her post while the rest is a packages of political ammunition.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, hope this finds you all well. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that please disregard any fabricated news that was posted on social media by a man called Richard, that I have stepped aside in the race of woman MPship in favor of Ayaka Rose the incumbent member of parliament representing Maracha woman” she opens her response.

“The same Richard went on saying that I’m preparing to contest as an LCIII for Maracha town council which is a total lie. As if it is not enough the Richard, further wrote that I have been castigating the NRM government for failing to deliver services in Maracha which to me are the words of his boss who paid the OTT and Data to taint my image because I’m contesting as an independent candidate which has become a threat in their camp.

Richard further alleged that during West Nile symposium, I did not represent my fellow young people well but I want to refer the public to MUNI UNIVERSITY the organizers of the symposium that time.
Feel free to call Mr Abdul Wahid Ijosiga, Dr. Aloonzi Brahan, Mr Tibrichu Habib and the vice chancellor MUNI UNIVERSITY for clarities

I have never pledged to link the young people to General Saleh as alleged by Richard and his team who are promoting Ayaka .

This therefore goes to you Ayaka rose to stop with immediate effect your camp from tainting and blackmailing my image just because I’m in the race with you because you aren’t permanent on that seat.

Just know that our fate shall be decided by God and the voters but not usual lies.

Also note that if anything happens to me and my family,,,,,,,, Richard and the rest of your media boys will be responsible.

To you my voters……. I’m comfortably in that race to win the seat

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Ms. Bako makes her position clear, to contest against the incumbent, come rain, come sunshine.

However, the two social media crossfire fighters are not the only players
for Maracha Woman Parliamentary race, as one Ms. Jennifer Driwaru, who, analysts consider a tough candidate, is actively grading her political road in the rural areas to the August House, beating intelligence network of the incumbent.

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