Maracha MP Boosts COVID-19 fight at Border

Maracha Constituency MP. Denis Lee Oguzu handing over Infrared temperature guns.

Maracha Constituency MP. Denis Lee Oguzu handing over Infrared temperature guns.

Maracha – Maracha Constituency Legislator donates equipment to counter COVID-19 pandemic invasion from neighbouring countries.

Hon. Denis Lee Oguzu, over weekend, offered 10 conductless infrared temperature guns and cartons of facemasks to frontline health workers and cartons as well as police officers working at Sub Counties along the border with Democratic Republic of Congo.

Three health facilities in the three Sub Counties sharing porous border with Democratic Republic of Congo, benefited from the offer.

Kijomoro, Oluvu and Oluffee Sub Counties received three infrared thermometer guns each.

Hon. Oguzu Lee says the equipment helps health workers and police to conduct surveillance on intruders from the neighboring countries.

The MP notes South Sudan as most dangerous country with worrying COVID-19 records.

“Our risks are now coming from the border. South Sudan’s situation is getting out of hands and I know so many of their citizens enter Democratic Republic of Congo and then pass through porous border points in to Maracha” the MP states.

Hon. Oguzu calls for more vigilance to curb possible incursion of COVID-19 pandemic, from neighboring countries.

“We must be very very vigilant. We must be very very vigilant. Now that our problems are going to come from the neighboring countries” Denis says.

This followed the legislator’s donation of UGX20M to the District Taskforce and calling for distribution of Ugx. 5M to each of the three Sub-Counties of Kijomoro, Oluffee and Oluvu, that are in his constituency with the DTF retaining the remaining funds.

By Tuesday, the Democratic Republic of Congo had registered 1,538 COVID-19 cases with 61 deaths while South Sudan recorded about 260 cases with 6 deaths.

The situation forces nationals from the neighboring countries to flee to Uganda through illegal routes for better health attention.

The MP calls for collective efforts to achieve preventing COVID-19 pandemic.

” I think its important that we engage in this matter and listen to one another because nobody can win this war alone” the MP States.

The MP adds that if the police do not work, the health workers Will do nothing, saying that if health workers do not work, there is nothing the leaders can do achieve.

Hon. Oguzu calls for corporation during the war against COVID-19 pandemic.

” If you don’t corporate with us to engage the community and then you are sending a different message in which nobody will succeed. We need to work together as a team” he States.

Oluffee Sub County COVID-19 pandemic taskforce chairperson, Atiku Amos, also the LC III chairperson, expresses gratitude over the donation.

He says the sub county had long lacked the surveillance equipment.

“These temperature guns will help us a lot. We didn’t have them in our facilities. In case of high number of patients, it was difficult to sort out those with high temperatures due to lack of the equipment” the LC 3 boss notes.

According Atiku, the equipment would aid regular screening at high risk areas along a common international boundary with DR Congo.

Oluvu sub county COVID-19 pandemic taskforce agreed on Oluvu health centre 3 , Eliofe health centre 3 and Atoro trading center, as points for regular screening.

Meanwhile, Oluffee Sub County, taskforce has agreed on Ovujo health centre 3, Kamaka health centre 3 and Lii border market as points for temperatures screening.

Ms. Draru Mily, the in charge of Ovujo health centre 3 welcomes the donation, commenting on it’s arrival as timely.

However, Adjumani West Member of Parliament, Hon.
Gen. Moses Ali is another legislator in West Nile region who has equipped frontline workers to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Hon. Gen. Moses Ali, who also the 1st deputy Prime Mister also the leader of government business in Parliament,
offered a motor boat to the district COVID-19 pandemic taskforce, to patrol the Laropi- Panjala-Nimule stretch of River Nile against illegal entrants from neighboring South Sudan into Uganda.

The General further donated one tone of maize seeds for farmers to plant and 8 tones of maize flour.

The 1st deputy premiere also donated Ugx. 20M which was given to MPs to the district COVID-19 taskforce to fight the global pandemic

Adjumani district COVID-19 pandemic taskforce Chairperson, also the Resident District commissioner, Taban Data received the money.

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