Masindi RDC Stops Workshop Of Women Councillors

Godfrey Nyakahuma, RDC Masindi District has stopped a meeting that was aimed to sensitize Women Councillors.
Winnie Kiiza(Mp)Kasese District Woman Representative, was invited to facilitate a workshop of women Councillors in Masindi by the Forum for Women in Democracy.
It’s an organization that has been here since 1995 and has been operating in Uganda since then. It has been in Masindi specifically for the last seven years.

“Unfortunately, this morning as the meeting was going on the RDC Masindi a one Nyakahuma Godfrey stormed our meeting. I went to his office just to be told that he was not aware of the event”.

However, the FOWEDE team had notified him five days back and he had no problem. To my surprise he has stopped our meeting and claiming that he was not informed, Winnie told media.

“These uncultured tendencies has an age limit. Soon such tendencies will be no more. The endurance that the citizenry have through will soon pay off. Those childish claims and scapegoats will soon come to an end”.

The only message I have is that Uganda is bigger than anyone of us and we must all known that we shall at one leave the stage. To the likes of Nyakahuma and likes, I pity you amidst all these writings on the wall warning of your exit, angry Winnie said.

We shall overcome as a people and enjoy our country where everyone matter.

To the FOWADE team, I thank you for the opportunity and encourage you to take heart. To my participants we shall meet again.


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