Mbabazi Applauds Former Aide

John Patrick Amama Mbabazi

Mbabazi applauds former aide

Former presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has applauded his former aide Pte Emmy Katabazi who has been released from jail after nine months.

Mbabazi’s candidature in the presidential elections came at a high cost for his close associates in government including Mr Katabazi.

In a tweet, he described Katabazi as the last bastion of freedom fighters after learning that the latter has been discharged by the Makindye based Court Martial.

“Emmy Katabazi was the last bastion of the struggle for freedom and justice. He had devoted his life to this struggle. He has paid the price…Katabazi was obviously detained, for 9 months without trial, because of his historical role and his politics,” Mbabazi said on Social media.

Attached to Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Katabazi was battling charges in connection with absence from duty and conduct prejudicial to good conduct and discipline.

A local newspaper quoted the freed soldier saying that he will continue serving and abiding by the law.

“I can only thank the Almighty God for revealing the truth and the government and all the people who were involved in proving the allegations against me…I am a UPDF soldier and I will continue to serve the army and abide by the law,” Pte Katabazi said.

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