Amama Mbabazi

Defiant Presidential aspirant John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has been arrested in Njeru town as he headed to Mbale to kick off his nation-wide consultative meetings.

Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Police AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi confirmed the arrest.

“I have arrested him under preventive arrest. He is safe at a police station I will not tell you,” Kawesi said.

Prior to his arrest, Mbabazi was told to go back to Kampala but he remained defiant.

“I gave him two options. To go back to Kampala, or i arrest him. He opted for the second one and i have arrested him”

Though Amama Mbabazi has been arrested, Rachael Mbabazi said that they will not be intimidated; they will continue to Mbale and conduct the consultative meetings.

“We will continue to Mbale,” Rachael Mbabazi told journalists at Njeru

Nina Mbabazi, Amama Mbabazi’s daughter confirms that her sister, Rachael Mbabazi has also been arrested and taken to unknown destination.

“So, Amama Mbabazi has been arrested at Jinja a Road Police station. They have transferred him to an unknown location. Additionally the police have detained my sister Rachel Mbabazi and all that were with him this morning,” Nina Posted on Facebook this morning.

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