Mbabazi Fronts 700 To Grab NRM MP Flag

Amama Mbabazi given instruments of power by Kigezi community last year

Mbabazi has continued to eat into Museveni’s vote basket.


Among the 1550 candidates who picked NRM forms to contest for MP in primaries, a sizeable fraction belongs to Mbabazi.

For example, when Mbabazi declared that he was going to stand as an independent on Friday, his camp spent the whole night making phone calls.

Hope Mwesigye was in the first phase assigned the task of reaching out to all NRM MP flops of 2011.

Most of these flops picked forms for MP while others like Bukeni Gyabi former bubulo east MP] picked forms for LC5 chairman of Manafwa.

Gyabi is hated by Mbabazi camp because he signed the majority report that wanted Mbabazi crucified over Temangalo in the last parliament.

Mbabazi wants to meet these disgruntled members before NRM nominations. He wants to sponsor them and also clear some of their debts after Museveni used and dumped them.

“Honorable, you see how Museveni is a traitor? He used all of us in 8th parliament but he has forgotten us.

He doesn’t want to hear anything about us yet he used us to pass many unpopular bills in parliament.

He is now hobnobbing with incumbent MPs giving them millions of shillings almost on a weekly basis.

But we have got the solution to this” insiders quoted Mwesigye as telling some of the flops on phone on Friday.

Mbabazi; through Mwesigye has now appointed coordinators. In Busoga for example, a vertically challenged former woman MP for a one constituency district is heavily coordinating all MP Flops for Mbabazi.

All coordinators are supposed to form cells of 6 members who will be taken to Mbabazi for a meeting.

This is being done to avoid detection and leakage of their information. Sources assured us that in order to beat security more, they have decided to use WhatsApp platform to coordinate members because direct telephoning is easily intercepted by intelligence.

“We want you honorable to join JPAM. He is the only one who can listen. He will help settling some of your debts,” sources privy to the plot added.

We were told that the flops are supposed to meet Mbabazi soon.

The same Mbabazi is supposed to meet NRM flag bearers shortly after nomination in NRM primaries but in those formed groups of six people.

He wants to give them facilitation so that they can grab the NRM flag. He has already infiltrated Museveni’s camp with over 600 candidates for MP alone NRM form to defeat those of Museveni.

His main plan is to send more MPs to 10th parliament so that the next speaker of parliament comes from his side and also influence business in parliament.

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