Mbabazi threatens to start a ‘World War’ on Corruption

Former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has promised to bring down corruption through a “world war” if elected president of Uganda in the coming elections.


Mbabazi made the remarks while addressing his maiden rally in Masaka yesterday evening. “It will be world war against the corrupt after I am elected president.”

He promised to channel $150M that is spent on treating government officials abroad into the health sector to build more hospitals.

“We know that 19 women a day die in labour. Our health system is in a state of crisis,” he said adding; “We spend $150m seeking medical treatment abroad. We will invest that money in our hospitals for better services.”

On job creation, Mbabazi said his government will invite investors to create jobs and put in place laws to ensure that investors employ local labour.

“We will change how things work so that our income is invested in things that create employment… we will invite investors here to set up industries so we can create jobs for the locals. We will set up laws to ensure investors do not employ their own labour force,” he said.


Mbabazi said he will meet the Buganda Kingdom officials to discuss the return of ebyaffe and federal.

He said ebyaffe will not only be for Buganda but also other kingdoms like Tooro, Bunyoro, et cetera.

“I will meet with officials from Buganda Official to discuss ‘federal’, and the return of Ebyaffe. This I will not do for only Buganda, but for the other regions too like Tooro, Bunyoro….,” he said.

He said the business of police using teargas to stop gatherings will be no more in 2016 when voted into power.

Mbabazi noted that the current police is not bad arguing that it is leadership that should be changed.

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4 thoughts on “Mbabazi threatens to start a ‘World War’ on Corruption

  1. During he’s time as PM, he was the leader of corruption in the system, Now that he wants to fight a world war on corruption…fooling who?

  2. Why disturb the rest of the world for a Ugandan problem? By talking like this, Mba bazi is getting to suspect Mbabazi doesn’t know what causes corruption or how to deal with it.

  3. If Mbabazi is going to wage war on corruption, then he has to demonstrate this by starting with himself. Remember TEMANGALO????

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