Mbale Head Teacher Netted for Stealing Ugx 27 million

David Okiror, the Deputy Head Teacher of Nkokonjeru Primary school in Mbale town has been arrested for embezzling about Ugx 27 million belonging to the teachers’ saving association.

Okiror was picked up on Saturday by police from Mbale Central Police station following complaints by the association members.

One of the members who preferred anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter revealed that a total of 40 teachers of the school established a saving scheme in January 2014 and elected Okiror as both their chairperson and treasurer.

He said each teacher saved a monthly minimum of Ugx 50, 000 which was deducted from his/her monthly salary. They would later share the collection at the end of the year.

However, at a meeting convened in November 2014, the teachers were disappointed to learn that the money was not available at the time.

They were informed that the money had been borrowed by other teachers, whom were not revealed. A month later, in December, Okiror was able to present Ugx 7million out of the expected Ugx 27 million.

Charles Otim, the school head teacher confirmed the incident saying the teachers, run out of patience and reported the matter to police accusing Okiror of betraying the trust vested in him by his colleagues.

Gerald Twesige, the Mbale District Police Commander said Okiror who is being held at Mbale Central Police station has been given until end of today to pay back the money or he will be arraigned in Court for embezzlement.

Nkokonjeru primary school is one of the biggest private primary school in Eastern region.

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