Mbarara City North Mp aspirant Kajubi tips locals on saving

Benon Kajubi and Mayor Kyabwisho at a recent function

Amos Tayebwa


Former Mbarara City North MP Aspirant, Benon Kajubi has advised locals against reckless spending, emphasizing a need to save a lot

In his Easter message, Kajubi who is a senior Economist in Mbarara City cautioned that the economy of Uganda today is crawling and requires every Ugandan to think about saving other than spending reckless spending even during festive days.

He said that the general income among the Ugandans and the country itself is worrying.

He said that every Ugandan today is affected economically, something that has even affected service delivery in some areas.

Kajubi who is also the CEO of Kakika SACCO Ltd located at Makhanising Street in Mbarara City appealed to the public especially the youth to stop overlooking jobs.

“We must agree that our economy today is doing well countrywide. Therefore I want to urge the people of Mbarara City North and the entire City to work hard and learn about saving the little they earn. I also want to appeal to our people to stop undermining the jobs. Let’s use the little time we have to achieve much. Do not earn 50,000= and then you spend 45’000=, that way you can never grow rich, and this will put your families and the country awards.

“Let’s not spend so much in this Easter holiday because some of us have not even paid our children’s school fees to zero balance, am sure after these holidays the schools will chase some of our children for school fees. Let us be extra  careful when we are spending,” Kajubi advised.

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