Mbarara Symposium to Attract over 1,000 participants, Set to Boost Business in Region

MP Robert Rukari in the middle, UDB Boss (left) and Clare Kabakyenga (right) as they address the media

Mbarara – Mbarara City is set to host over 1000 participants in the forthcoming National Business Symposium at Kakyeka Stadium starting 21st to 23rd February 2022. 

Dubbed the Ankole Business Symposium, it has been organized by the Government of Uganda through Operation Wealth Creation and Uganda Development Bank (UDB). 

According to Robert Mwesigwa Rukari the Chairman Organizing committee for this forthcoming symposium, Rukari who is at the same time the Area MP for Mbarara City North said that the purpose of this symposium coming to  Ankore is to attract tourists attractions and to make sure that the people of Ankole can also generate some income through these events and as well as to boost businesses.

That there will be an advantage for the institutions like UDB they will now interact with that person down to see the challenges and get solutions apart from only staying in Kampala. He said that Symposiums used to be held only in Kampala which was a norm when actually people from other deep areas would also like to engage in such events so that they can also benefit and it’s one of the reasons why the organizers have decided to bring this symposium to Mbarara. 

This was launched at the beginning of this week at Lake View Resort. During the launch, Rukari said that another reason why this symposium is being held is also about the competitive approach.

“When you are in these Symposiums like this we are going to host on 21st to 23rd of February 2022 people bring different materials to showcase and in the process of showcasing you will know that someone else has got a better product than yours so when you go back home you will improve on your products. This symposium will also benefit people as institutions like UDB, OWC will tell us if the opportunities which are there that we might not know in terms of affordable financing, in terms of Government opportunities. And for this specific symposium, there are 13 districts including Mbarara City that are going to participate and benefit from this Symposium” said Rukari. 

MP Robert Mwesigwa Rukari addressing the media

Clare Kabakyenga the Manager of Women Cooperative  Enterprise from Isingiro who represented the private sector said that they have a composed of 146 women groups who are dealing in the production of crops mainly beans and maize. They are now exporting to Asian countries and other African Countries.

” Let’s expose ourselves and stop fearing to risk when it comes to Agriculture businesses.  Let’s look for the loans and we add values in our productions through UDB because UDB has exposed us now they give us over 300m loans. I, therefore, encourage you that you come to the symposium and meet UDB and find the way how you can be helped” said Kabakyenga. 
According to Rukari he said that they have selected and invited about 200 students from different schools. That the entrance will be free for the people. Only participants that will be showcasing their products are the ones to pay.

It has been revealed that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be the Chief Guest of Honor for this symposium. 

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