MILESTONE; RAHU turns 10, launches next 5years strategic plan

“I have seen RAHU grow in human stages from a toddler to the level of maturity that they’re on today. I’m attached & proud of it to the extent that I have entrusted my children to go through the hands of RAHU!” These were the words excited Humphrey Nabimanya, the founder and CEO of Reach A hand Uganda started with as the NGO celebrated its 10th anniversary at Serena Hotel last evening.

Reach A hand Uganda founder and CEO Humphfrey Nabimanya (Middle) having a light moment with guests 

At the same function, Reach A Hand Uganda announced its new strategic plan under the theme, “Amplifying the Hand Print” for the upcoming five years. Through the development of effective behavioral change communication strategies and campaigns, RAHU over the years has concentrated on changing social norms and values that restrict access to SRHR services and information. This has helped to raise awareness of and reduce sexual and reproductive health risks among today’s young people.

A strategic plan is a series of steps that an organization is taking to achieve its goals, mission, and vision.

RAHU Board Chairman Joe Kigozi expressed happiness and gratitude for the fresh Strategic Plan, which will guide the NGO for the next 5 years ” Our objective is to uphold the work ethic and demonstrate that we are a performance-driven organization. We are happy to officially launch our third strategic plan”

Kigozi further revealed that in order to create a generation of diverse, healthy, productive, and resilient young people by the year 2026, RAHU’S vision for the years 2022 to 2026 is “Amplifying the Hand Print,” which signals that the NGO is stepping outside of its comfort zone by expanding its global reach.

Kigozi concluded by thanking RAHU allies, members, stakeholders, partners, and donors who have bravely fought for young people’s rights and promoted their access to the accurate sexual and reproductive health information and services they require to make informed decisions. He also called upon everyone to be part of RAHU’s upcoming journey to elevate the lives of young people.

Reach A hand Board Chairman Joe Kigozi ( 1st from the left) with a group of guests

Keynote speakers all came to one understanding that RAHU is not just an organization, it’s the heart of young people with great ambitions.

CEO Nabimanya thanked all the funding partners that include the Dutch embassy, the Danish Embassy, UNESCO, the Bergstrone foundation, and every individual that has done their best to see the success of RAHU.

Prime Minister of the Tooro Kingdom Owekitiniisa Kiyingi Steven represented the Guest of honor and Patron of RAHU King Oyo. In King Oyo’s message, he expressed his gratitude for being the patron of Reach A Hand Uganda for a while now and thanked everyone who has helped them in their efforts for standing out for young people.

King Oyo also noted in his message that Uganda’s population is majorly youthful. Mentioning that the largest population of Uganda is below the age of 35 years, forming 78% of the total
the population is now a chorus. This youthful population presents two scenarios. The first
is that with such a huge youth population, Uganda can outrightly become the youth
capital of the world and young people can be the center of the socio-economic
transformation of the country.

He congratulated Reach A Hand Uganda and all partners on the beginning of a new journey with this plan, which will make sure that the hand print reaches all young people in their diversity to continue fostering a safe environment for young people to express themselves, receive accurate information and services regarding sexual and reproductive health, and make sure that young people are greatly empowered for the socio-economic development of our country.

Rahu plans to expand its institutional capacity, financial independence, and operational efficiency with the introduction of this 2022–20226 strategic plan in order to fulfill its purpose on a national, regional, and international level, to expand young people’s access to high-quality programs, skills, and relevant, accurate AYSRHR information, to develop young people’s entrepreneurship and life skills in order to develop sustainable and cutting-edge livelihoods for youth and to increase institutional sustainability for cutting-edge innovations in knowledge management, knowledge management, and health communications.

Reach A Hand Uganda is a youth-serving organization focusing on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), HIV/AIDS awareness, and prevention.


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