Minister Kibuule assaults Stanbic Bank Security Guard

Minister Kibuule assaults Stanbic Bank Security Guard

By Serestino Tusingwire

Stanbic bank Uganda has apologized to State minister for Water Ronald Kibuule for being inconvenienced by its private security guard despite allegations that it’s the former who assaulted the latter.

Kibuule was last week reportedly involved in another controversial scandal when he allegedly beat up a private security guard (Ms Hellen Obuku), who had insisted that he undergoes a routine security check at Stanbic bank branch in Mukono.

In a letter signed by Stanbic bank’s Chief Executive Officer Patrick Mweheire, the bank apologizes to Min. Kibuule for whatever went wrong that day and even denounced the security guard that she is not their employee.


“I wish to convey sincere apologies for inconveniences and embarrassment this incident might have caused you. The security guard is not a Stanbic employee. We have communicated with the security company to remedy the problem going forward,” Mweheire fearfully apologized.

It is alleged that Kibuule after beating up the guard, he even ordered for her arrest on libel offences, but collapsed while being taken to Police to record a statement.

The guard also opened a case of assault against Kibuule but he denied beating and ordering for her arrest saying she is mentally ill.

“She has a mental problem; that is what the police told me. I didn’t call the DPC, it was some other man, whom she also harassed that called police,” he said.

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