MOVING ON? Divorce beckons for Works Ministry boss & Bushenyi tycoon Obadiah’s daughter

Friends, well-wishers and members of the extended family of Bushenyi based tycoon, Obadiah Ntebekaine have embarked on praying the Rosary day and night.

Knowing that Rosary is a very powerful weapon, in reciting it, they hope that Mary may intercede and save the marriage of their daughter Ingrid Karungi, a daughter to Ntebekeine.

Ntebekaine is one of the sons of the late lay Canon Zabron Rushambuza aka Ai Mukama. Others include Apollo Mutungi of Quality supermarkets and Michael Rushambuza of Best Buy supermarkets in Kampala.

Now, a few years ago, one of their daughters-Karungi got married to city lawyer Andrew Muhangi , the head of Motor Vehicle Registration department at the Ministry of Works and Transport.

The wedding reception of over 500 guests was at Kampala Serena Hotel. They have been blessed with a baby boy.

However, some family members, friends and well-wishers have whispered to this publication expressing concern that the couple, recently, no longer behave like people who are in love and a stranger may not be easily convinced that they are married. It is not clear if the couple prefers it that way.

However, going by an African proverb — ‘what an old man sees sitting on the floor will not be seen by a young man even from a treetop’- to family members, it these tell-tale signs that have forced those concerned to embark on prayers to see the couple iron out their differences before divorce beckons.

Sources say families from both sides are trying to convince the couple to forgive each other but Muhangi still has reservations, according to a knowledgeable family source.

Watch this space for salacious details on what went wrong in our next publication.





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