MP Atiku’s hoes, maize grains excite Ayivu leaders

RDC Oya looks at the fuel receipt handed over to him by MP Osoru (R)

MP Atiku hands over a bag of maize grain to Oya as other local leaders look on

Arua – The local leaders of Ayivu county in Arua district were on Monday, May 25, over the moon after their area MP, Bernard Atiku handed over to them 1,000kgs of maize grain seeds and 1,800 hoes.

The items will be distributed to vulnerable farmers and all local council one chairpersons (LCI) in the county for cultivation during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.

Atiku who also used the opportunity to hand over the controversial UGX20 million, topped up the money with UGX1 million and asked Arua RDC, Nahori Oya to distribute the cash to all the sub-counties in Ayivu such that each gets a fair amount of UGX3 million to fight the pandemic.

He noted that part of the money will be used to facilitate sub-county chairpersons whom he said haven’t received any coin in regard to COVID-19.

“I have also brought 1, 800 pieces of hoes and one tone of hybrid improved maize seeds; within three months, they will be ready for harvesting to help people cope up with COVID-19 because we don’t know when it will end,” Atiku said.

RDC Oya looks at the fuel receipt handed over to him by MP Osoru (R)

It is for this reason that the local leaders from Ayivu county expressed gratitude to Atiku for the gesture he has exhibited by bailing out the needy locals in the area.

“As leaders, we are extremely very happy for what Hon. Atiku has done. These hoes and maize seeds will help many people during this trying moment,” said Malon Avutia, the Pajulu sub-county chairperson.

“Many people are suffering in their homes without much help. We have tried our best but it is not enough. Now such interventions are timely, given that the rain has just started, I think people will get in their gardens and start digging,” Avutia added.

He, however, called upon government to also consider coming up with such interventions so that people don’t only think of waiting for food from the office of the Prime Minister.

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During the same function at Arua district headquarters, Mourine Osoru, the Arua district woman MP unleashed a fuel receipt worth UGX20 million which she deposited in PAPs fuel station account.

While handing over the receipt to Oya, Osoru said she decided to use the money to buy fuel to strictly be used by Ambulances during the COVID-19 period.

The Ambulances include; the five she recently bought and allocated to all counties in Arua district. Some of the counties have since become districts especially Madi Okollo and the recently declared Terego district.

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