MP Rukari in Trouble over Misuse of UGX10Bn, Illegal Land ownership

MP Dr. Robert Mwesigwa Rukari recently at his home

MP Dr. Robert Mwesigwa Rukari recently at his home

Kampala | RedPepper Digital – The former Consul of Morocco in Uganda and current Member of Parliament for Mbarara City North, Dr. Robert Mwesigwa Rukari is having sleepless nights over accusations of misappropriation of over UGX10 billion and land issues at Uganda Railway Corporation.

Following the recent saga of illegally acquiring plots of land from Uganda Railways corporation, another group of people from Isingiro have also petitioned to the speaker of parliament accusing Dr. Robert Mwesigwa Rukari of misappropriation of UGx. 10,225,710,000= that was meant to compensate for their land in Isingiro district.

On 3rd December 2021, a group of people from Isingiro district have petitioned to the Speaker of parliament seeking his intervention in the matter by directing MP Rukari to refund the misappropriated funds. They lost about 75% of their entitlement which was public funds appropriated by Parliament to a member of Parliament.

The petitioners, in this case, include Hillary Tweesigye, Vital Mykaragi, Stephen Muganga, Paul Mukarangye, Jerald Gutesa and the Estate of Frank Mirenge who petitioned through their Lawyer of Kakuru & CO. Advocates. In this case, the petitioners are former proprietors of land in Isingiro District which is now occupied by Refugees.

In June 2018, the Government of Uganda decided to compensate them up to a tune of UGx 13,549,481,400 for the acquisition of their land. In the due course, MP Robert Rukari convinced the petitioners through his company American Procurement Company Inc (AMPROC Inc) to give him powers of attorney to receive the payments from the Government on their behalf and would later remit to each petitioner his entitlement.

According to the information, from 13th June 2018 to 11th May 2020, Rukari through his companies AMPROC Inc and Mwesigwa Resort ltd received a total of 10, 225,710,000= equivalent to 75.5% of their entitlement and not a single coin was remitted to petitioners.

Upon realizing that no remittance was forthcoming from Rukari, the petitioners revoked the powers of Attorney to his Company and lodged a complaint 4lto the permanent Secretary Ministry of Lands who stopped remittance to AMPROC Ink started remitting the balance directly to their personal accounts.

It is said that the petitioners have so far received UGx 1,372,067,400= and are yet to receive their balance of UGx 1,951,704,000=.

According to the petitioners, they had earlier petitioned the president by letter dated 9th July 2020. On 22 Oct. 2020, the petitioners were invited by Flora Kiconco the State House Legal Officer over the said petition to the president and she gave them hope and promised that the president desired the matters be resolved promptly. That it is now over 13 months and she has never contacted the petitioners again for any development about this matter.

Rukari is currently battling with the inspectorate of Government on the land scandal s in which he is blamed that he illegally acquiring plots of land from the Uganda Railway Corporation which caused financial loss to the Government of Uganda.

According to the letter written to him, Rukari is asked by Inspectorate of Government to furnish with them some documents to conduct an expeditious and fair investigations. Rukari is supposed to submit the following document; application for land at URC, sales agreements, receipts or proof of purchase/ payments, evidence of ownership of the plots and any other documents that relate to the above matter.

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