MPs On Verge Of Being Defeated In 2016 Named

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A new list has emerged detailing current members of parliament that are faced with an uphill task of retaining their seats during the 2016 elections.


Their ratings are very worrying considering the stiff competition their new and perennial have subjected them to.

Mathias Kasamba Hon. Kasamba, the long serving Member of Parliament for Kakuto county had detected his fall very early to the extent of making early lobbying to contest as a member of East African Legislative Assembly in 2017.


The biggest threat he is facing in Kakuto is from city musician Geoffrey Lutaaya who is mobilizing for his bid.

Part of Lutaaya’s mobilization involved the holding of his wedding ceremony to singer Irene Namatovu in Kakuto.

Kasamba’s other disappointment is that he has not been appointed minister for all the years he succeeded the late Emmanuel Pinto who served as state minister for internal affairs.

Aja Baryayanga

The youthful Baryayanga’s days are numbered given that Prof. Augustus Nuwagaba is heavily investing in his ousting.

Nuwagaba a consultant on economic transformation in Africa region is more than willing to invest his last coin in his campaigns aware that in case he wins, he will likely make it to cabinet as one of the state ministers in Finance.

Baryayanga who shinned in his first year as MP especially when he debated on Umeme controversial contract, has since gone silent, a thing that has angered and frustrated his constituents.

Ocwa David

Hon. Ocwa represents Agule County. Evidence shows that Ocwa’s undoing started after the 2013 NRM Kyankwanzi retreat.

His constituents were infuriated with the way he distributed money which was meant to popularize the retreat’s resolutions like President Museveni’s sole candidature.

He gave the people of Apoponge where he hails shs 1.4m while those of Agule Sub County got a paltry shs 700,000. The disappointed voters have since vowed to vote for his rival Mukula alias Quarter Pin.

Vincent Bagiire

It will be miraculous for Bunya West MP Vincent Bagiire to retain his parliamentary seat in 2016. Already his namesake Bagiire Aggrey the chairperson of NAADS has intensified his return in the constituency.

Like Hon. Kasamba, Bagiire is frustrated for having not made it to cabinet yet he had done a lot of lobbying especially to people he perceives to be close to first son, Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

His competitor Aggrey, the former state minister for agriculture has exploited his position as NAADS boss to mobilize the constituents in agriculture which has improved his rankings.

Aggrey has further not taken chances given that he was recently in Russia for a two weeks course in political mobilization tutored by former KGB operatives.

Dorothy Mpiima

Hon. Dorothy Mpiima famous for her tainted hair is increasingly loosing grip as Buikwe woman MP. Her greatest challenger is local gospel singer Judith Babirye.

Mpiima has been to State House lobbying its officials to prevail over Babirye but in vain. Babirye has instead exploited her fame as a singer to bolster her bid.

Babirye’s other advantage is that her campaign mobilization is well facilitated by several rich born again businessmen and pastors based in Kampala.

Jacob Opolot

Hon. Opolot represents Paliisa County. He doubles as the chairperson of Teso parliamentary caucus.

His campaign managers are confused over his invisibility in the constituency since 2012.

Opolot is reportedly hiding away from the constituency to dodge the rampant begging culture amongst the voters. His rivals have taken advantage of his disappearance to entrench their inroads in the constituency. So far, four people have shown interest to replace him.

Allen Andrew

The light skinned Allen Andrew is by and large going to end up as a one term Member of Parliament for Bugabula North.

He has lost ground so much because most of the people’s expectations have not been met. Many of his constituents had hoped him to bring British and American NGOs in the constituency. Prominent of his rivals eying the constituency is Moses Kizige who represented the same constituency in 7th parliament.

Lt. Amodoi Cyrus

Hon. Lt. Amodoi Cyrus served in the elite Special Forces Command then Presidential Guard Brigade before he quit joining elective politics.

He eventually won the parliamentary seat for Toroma County.

Amodoi has had a beleaguered tenure as MP since he was charged with alleged stealing of mercury after damaging a mast. This had a negative  impact on his popularity which is fading.

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