MPs Order for Closure of Top Water Company


MPs Order for Closure of Top Water Company

By Serestino Tusingwire

Legislators on equal opportunities committee have ordered for the temporary closure of Blue Wave Company, one of the top water companies in Uganda over poor sanitation.

The Kampala Central MP Mohamed Nsereko who chairs the Committee has noted that Blue wave water is unsafe for consumption which prompted them to shut it down for some unspecified period of time as they deal with it accordingly.

“We have given UNBS a recommendation to temporary close Blue Wave Company after their water was found not safe for consumption,” Nsereko said before adding that; “We have also instructed Blue Wave to immediately withdraw and halt supply of their product.”

Uganda National Bureau of standards has always been blamed for licensing companies whose market standards are wanting, and this is evidenced on the number of companies that eventually face closure after they are well researched about.

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