MR.HYENA’S TALE! A savedee slay Queen almost made me eat pork

Fellow Muslims, avoid boning non- Muslims belles, some first eat pork before kissing you. And as they kiss, threads of pork that will have got stuck in the teeth are transferred to you. Over the years, I’ve ignored this matter, but what befell me three months ago is something I don’t want to befall other Musliminas. In Kabalagala lives a sexy slay queen called Dora, who chills at Tony’s salon. Dora is a musician and usher  at a Savedee church  in the area, which makes it hard for the guy to know she is a slay queen.

I’d been salivating for her for about a year, but had never gotten an opportunity to vibe her. However, one day I got  time to chat with her. Tony and pals cautioned her against me. “But, he looks innocent…” Dora bubbled. They told her of how I bought babes for chaws. “If he buys, let him give me Shs1M and I give him,” Dora yapped. I  offered her a 50k which she rejected. She stood up swang her booty around saying “See what you’re paying for!” “Ne million nkusabye ntono,” she added.  But I  insisted on 50k. Dora  then suggested that  I go down the street and  buy 5 STD- infested sluts. Shortly after that, I went about my normal business and didn’t see Dora  for like two weeks. But one morning at around 11:00 AM, I saw Dora standing by the roadside waiting for a taxi. I stopped and asked if I could give her a lift. “No….waiting for a taxi,” she answered, but later entered the Beemer.  While inside Dora asked why I had been so lost. I told her I was busy hunting for her money.  She asked how much I had gathered so far and I answered Shs80k. Dora accused me of beign mean. I told Dora how I had a lot of responsibilities. Then all of a sudden Dora told me that I should not tell the Tonys that she was a Slay Queen.“Eeeeeiiiiiii nawe…….I thought we had a deal,” I pleaded, before  assuring her I wasn’t a gossiper.
In response, Dora accused me of being a smooth-talking con man.

After those words, I begged her to help me and sell me ko. Dora looked at me for about two minutes then asked if I was dead serious. “Like a heart attack,” I replied. “Then give me 1M,” she yapped. I told her I would have given it to her if I had it. “However, I will manage 100k each time we chew ourselves…….after all you will enjoy it too,” I pleaded. “If I don’t make you pregnant, no one will ever know,” I assured her. Dora jumped in saying it wouldn’t be live. “Of course, but we may enjoy it and take it to the next level,” I said, only for Dora to say that I should not even think about it.
She then asked when we would meet and I told her that if she had come with her Kitone we could do business right away because I was 100% ready. She jokingly said  that she had forgotten it at home and suggested 3:00Pm so that she could run back home and pick it. Dora  told me she was going to give me ko because she liked me and had  a very big problem to solve. She begged me not to mistake her for a slut.  I thanked her for accepting to help me. But, before I could say more, Dora asked for the money to solve some issues. I handed her 50k as half payment then 10k as transport and lunch and promised to give her the 50k once we were in the lodge.  After dropping her off, I went  for lunch. As I walked out of the eatery, Dora called asking where I was. I directed her to a boning haven along Martin Road.

Like thirty minutes later, Dora joined me. On arrival, she ordered three cold beers prompting me to ask if Savedees drink booze.  She told  me her Lord and savior turned water into booze, meaning booze ain’t bad. I had long removed most of my clothes and was remaining on the boxers. Dora stripped and spun around model style asking if the sugar was enough or she should add more. Anyways, she went to the shower to freshen up. I pulled off the boxers and ran after her. We washed each other. “Wow! As you have a huge stick,” Dora yapped, then said that if she had known it was that huge, she would have insisted on Shs1M. I accused her of having huge booty.

From the shower, we hit Mazongoto. Dora asked for the antivirus, checked it then installed it.Next was  she  spread her gams for yours Truly. I was disappointed in not seeing bat wings. I instantly decided to find out why she didn’t elongate. “I was told Gisus have mega flip flaps,” I lied in a bid to know why Dora didn’t have them. In response, Dora told me of how that was for idle village belles.

However,  I couldn’t help but wonder if she even had El-Nino. My thoughts were cemented by Dora touching her mouth secretly and lubricating her Kitone with saliva. Anyways, I begged Dora to guide me into her garden of Eden. She grabbed the Wire and jazzed herself   before digesting it.
Without wasting time, I showcased my talent “ooooooh sweetie……….your animal is very huge, do me slowly……slowly,” Dora hissed. After about four minutes of grinding, the Kitone discharged milky cream which looked very watery.  As I went on jazzing the fountain sprayed, gushed and flushed profusely prompting me to ask if Dora was a Gisu or Munyankole.  She told me of how Banyankole just brag but Gisus have more El-Nino than them. “Ours even cause mudslides in Bududa,” she joked.

Dora turned out to be good in all aspects. Akembarara was followed by a cocktail of styles,  during which Dora swore like she was possessed by Stella Nyanzi and Jennifer Fullfigure spirits. I crossed the finishing line and collapsed on Dora like a sack of bones. “ooooooh!  You man what did you eat before coming to me?” Dora asked to which I answered “Meat, Karo and cassava.” Dora accused me of having taken Viagra but denied.
Dora based her allegation on the time I spent drilling her; mbu normal men couldnt last that long.
After some resting, we had the second round which may have lasted an hour. However, I wasn’t rough, I just excited her into exploding capacity. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she took over the boning. Dora, who had refused to snog me, went on to do it  and chewed my lips like they had honey on them. During the second round of akembarara, Dora head trembled, vibrated or and shook  like she had developed nodding disease. The melee ended  in a double finish.

Later as we bathed, Dora told me of how I had made her very weak and hungry. That she felt like she hadn’t eaten in over a year. I volunteered to buy her kikomando for which she asked if she was kikomando grade.
From the lodge, I dropped Dora off in Kabalagala before proceeding to my second wife’s crib. I was so excited, I almost told her of how I had chewed a delicious belle. On logging into social media, Dora had liked and commented on 70% of the things I’d ever posted online.
I called and thanked her for the good time we had and confessed my looking forward to seeing her again. Which happened the following week at the same place. 100k is not little money even to flappers like Dora, especially when she’s earning it from a delicious Wire like mine.
Dora got to the place thirty minutes before me. Since I had made her hungry, I passed by KFC and bought fast food which we would have at half time. However, on getting there I noticed a black polythene bag on the table. “Ooooh! She brought her own food for half time!” I silently thought. Little did I know it was pork, part of which Dora had had for lunch.

Without much ado, we started kissing – I kissed not knowing, Dora had just eaten pork for lunch and I’m worried fragments of pork that may have been stuck in her mouth were transferred into my mouth. We went onto chew ourselves like romping  would be banned the following day.
Dora put up a spirited fight, showcased Gisu bedroom talent. During akembarara, she developed a nodding head and yoddled, hiccupped and stammered in ways I can’t write. Around the fiftieth minute, I exploded, downloading all the magma in the antivirus.
I dropped like a jointless doll, breathing like I had outrun a lion. Dora burst out laughing and told me how she came prepared for me. “I first ate pork,” Dora proudly yapped, before telling me how she had even brought some for half time. I rolled off her, giving her a long face. “You first ate pork!” I exclaimed. Dora replied asking if I don’t eat pork, the answer to which was “ I am a Muslim”
“Ooooooh sorry!………I didn’t know…” Dora apologized in a humble tone. I ran to the shower, washed my mouth with soap  and  showered saying things like Nag…Asta gafirula. Being the gentleman I am,  I paid Dora the agreed sum and walked out of the room. Dora tried apologizing but I just walked away.

For about eight days, Dora sent apologizing audio and written messages telling me she had quit eating pork. She even told me of how she was to become a Muslim like me, which prompted me to say I had forgiven her.  But I could never get an appetite for her again.
Besides, Dora, I’ve encountered a lot of belles in relationships (wives, fiancé and bonkmates) with Muslims whose number one dish is pork. Very soon, I will tell you about one of my baby mommas I met walking out of a pork joint with a toothpick in her mouth.


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