MTN Odilo Ker Football tournament kicks off in Acholi chiefdom with Gulu City defeating Pader District

Gulu District play Pader District at Pece Memorial Stadium in Gulu City on Jan15.

MTN Odilo Ker Football Tournament kicked off yesterday in the Acholi Chiefdom with Gulu City defeating Pader District at Pece War Memorial Stadium in Gulu City.

Gulu District play Pader District at Pece Memorial Stadium in Gulu City on Jan15.

Gulu City beat Pader District 3-1 in their opening matches and securing three points. Gulu City Coach, Brian Ocakacon said their win has given them courage for the return leg that will be played in Pader District.

“We are very optimistic that our team is in a better position to win the next match,” he said. However, Pader District Coach, Kissinger Oryem, said his players had fatigue following a long trip, and now hopes for better performance in the subsequent matches.

“We are still confident that our team will be better going forward,” he said.

Gulu City female soccer team secured 3 points after their Pader counterparts’ failed to turn up. But the team’s coach Oryem said they didn’t receive any communication in relation to female matches.

He said the MTN Odilo Ker Football tournament will not only help source talented players for the country’s big leagues but also help in the development of the Acholi sub-region.

Relatedly, Gulu District secured three points after beating Omoro District 3-1 in a match that was played at Awach in Gulu District as Amuru District beat Lamwo 1-0 in Pabbo playground in Amuru District.

Agago District will take on Nwoya District at Olwiyo Primary school, Anaka Town Council on 18th January 2023. The final matches will be played on 12th February 2023, in Gulu City.

The football tournament themed “Together we can end teenage pregnancy in Acholi sub-region” is in line with the ongoing partnership signed in 2019 but delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

MTN Uganda Northern Region Business Manager, Phillip Odoi said they are excited to sponsor the football tournament in the Ker Kwaro Acholi aimed at strengthening the social-economic status of the population.

MTN Uganda and the people of Ker Kwaro Acholi have had a cordial relationship over the year that was only amplified with the signing of a partnership agreement in 2019.

The agreement entails MTN Uganda working together with the Ker Kwaro leadership to support the Chiefdom’s efforts to uplift the socio-cultural welfare of the people in the Acholi sub-region through jointly undertaking health, education and sports initiatives.

MTN Uganda has undertaken numerous initiatives in health and education in the Acholi sub-region in the past such as the refurbishment and kitting of Cwero Health Center III Maternity ward as well as constructing a classroom block Kuc Ki Gen PEAS high school in Lamwo among other projects.

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